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    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    Okay just wanted to ask if the 2019 award ceremony for the drivers I know that the truck and Xfinity have already had theres.
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    Can Am Duel #1

    Can any one tell me what year the #9 had to hold off # 4 for the win and what was the name of the Duels at that time.
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    Who Gets the 48?

    well this is my quote maybe Rick could convince either Matt or just maybe Carl I know I know what those guys said they would not come back to cup at least those two have experience.
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    Cable cutters, rejoice

    I know what you mean about CenturyLink I pay $56.00 just for internet and I have 12 something for my computer and then they kept giving me phone numbers for a business account and I went around and around with them and then they called and said that I owe $800.00 for my business account I do...
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    Cable cutters... how do you watch the races?

    I had to cut cable and with a antenna and I have a Samsung 40inch and I have had to get 3 to 4 antennas because I live in a apt complex and the back of my apt has trees to where Its hard to get a signal the people on either side can get anything and I cannot put anything on the building so just...
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    The Clash/2019

    Hey does anyone out there can tell how to watch the clash every time I click on it on you tube all it says clash is a live race I though that it was because it was new but I watched the Coke Zero Sugar 400 so I have tried everything nothing can some one help
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    drivers to do the booth

    Hey I was watching the Kansas and it was mentioned that some of the cup drivers are going to be up in the booth probably the Xfinity race does anyone know the race and the date I always try and watch that I did not catch the info.
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    Want to ask a question about the 2018 schedule

    I know that the races in 2018 were last year but was wanting to know if any one knows all the races that the #9 won I thought that he won at Dover but just watched one and the #4 won can any one help.
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    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    Well if it is a Nationwide car it is really fancy Speaking about the Xfinity young ones has any one the young drivers that Dale Jr picks seem to do really good Chase Elliot William Bryon Alex Bowman Justin Allgaier Elliot Sadler the last two Jr linked them also and they really doing real...
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    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    Well I'm posting from August 7th 2017 a while after that Tony had some problems and then in 2016 he retired miss him being at the track.
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    Dale Earnhardt Jr.

    Well if they would him his Nationwide car maybe things would change that car he has been driving they cannot seem to get it fixed right I know that Jr is upset that all that happens every week is DNFs that is be coming old hat also he says that the crew are working hard I wonder if Mr Hendrick...
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