1. J

    What happened to that new engine package and all the OEM talks?

    That's all anyone was talking about when it came to justifying the low HP engines, that it would be more attractive to new OEMs and that the new engine package (which I believe they said would debut in 2024) would be an unrestricted, low horsepower, hybrid engine. It's been probably a year at...
  2. R

    ARCA Reese’s 200 @ IRP (FS1)

    ARCA will be back at IRP on Friday, July 29 at 6:00 PM ET on Fox Sports 1.
  3. R

    ARCA Dawn 150 @ Mid-Ohio (FS1) 25 cars entered. Part of the Sioux Chief Showdown (Race 5 of 10). On Friday, July 8th at 5 PM EST on FS1. Notables: - Stanton Barrett entered. - Jack Wood in the 21. - Dale Quarterley back for another...
  4. Truex_rox

    Foreign Drivers Similar to Our Own?

    Here's a topic I came up with just for fun... For those of you who follow motorsport outside of NASCAR, who is a foreign driver in another series whose driving style resembles that of one of our own biggest stars? An example: For me, I'd say that British Touring Car Champion Jason Plato - who...
  5. SlicedBread22

    Not So Bold 2019 Predictions

    We have our bold predictions game.. but just for fun. What are some of your not so bold predictions for the 2019 season? Things that are pretty likely to happen but would still make you feel good about being right. Things like.. Kevin Harvick will win more races than Jimmie Johnson Team...
  6. Z

    NASCAR's Declining Attendance & Viewership

    I'm currently working on a project for a class regarding declining viewership and attendance and overall interest in NASCAR. If you could please take a few minutes to fill out the following survey and share your opinions as to why this trend is occurring, it would help a lot...
  7. A

    Tailgating at Las Vegas

    Hey all thinking of going to Vegas for the march race. But wont have a car unless i rent. Has anyone done a bus trip or have any tailgating experience at vegas?
  8. F

    Poll: Do you think the acqusition of ARCA by NASCAR will hurt or help ARCA?

    Personally I think it will help by letting ARCA drivers transition to NASCAR easier
  9. M

    Harvick Interview on

    Interesting comments by Happy. It's good to see that at least some of these older horses know that the youth is what's going to keep NASCAR afloat
  10. SlicedBread22

    2018 Season Predictions

    Predictions are a fun way to pass time waiting for the season to start. What do you think we'll see this year? I'm going to say we'll get some Chevy dominance, taking back the manufacturers championship from Toyota. Logano bounces back, wins 3+ races and makes it to at least the round of 8...
  11. M

    NASCAR Dream Points System

    I also posted this reddit, but if NASCAR was to go back on to a full season champion, what is your dream points system to use. I had two: the indycar points system and a modified F1 points system which is. 1st 50 2nd 36 3rd 30 4th 24 5th 20 6th 16 7th 14 8th 12 9th 10 10th 8 11th 6 12th 5 13th 4...
  12. V

    Washington Post article on Ryan Ellis and Go Fas Racing

    Good insight into the struggle of no-name drivers to find sponsors to drive. Ellis made 4 starts in the cup last season but could not find a deal for this year. Also an interesting look at the Go Fas garage and how smaller teams have to operate...
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