2017 24 Hours of Daytona

Very eventful few laps for that 10 car.

I hope they don't penalize them.
He doored him earlier when Ricky tried to pass. Let em race.

I don't follow this series so I'm def not one to ask if that was fair or not.
Mustang Sampling is not going to be happy with that decision.

There is going to be a very upset team at the end of this.
Kinda mad at myself for not going. The weather forecast was so iffy though for the hours I was going to be able to make it for.
I wasn't sure what to expect when I started watching yesterday,but wow,what some incredible racing with awesome cars.I see why my son and his friends are more into this racing than Nascar.I think Brian France is going to need more than Monster Energy to get them to follow Nascar.
He doored him earlier when Ricky tried to pass. Let em race.

It's either going to be fair or it isn't. Albuquerque chose for it to be unfair when he gave Taylor a door job earlier in the esses, so he can hardly complain. If you take the gloves off by blocking, don't be surprised when you get dumped later. Don't play rough if you can't take being roughed up.

Great all American win for the Taylor bros, Jeff Gordon and Cadillac. Lots of American flags being waved around victory lane. Terrific send off for Angeleli.

Having said that, I fully expect in two hours IMSA will reverse itself, penalize Taylor, and screw up what was a really good race.
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