2019 K&N East Series

Discussion in 'Short Track Racing' started by kkfan91, Dec 4, 2018.

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    Langley is gone as well. Not sure if I’m forgetting any others.
    Pretty boring schedule. I like to see at the real weekly short tracks like south Boston and new Smyrna not at the big Nascar tracks (I’m including tracks like gateway and Memphis in that category).
    Miss seeing them at places like Greenville Pickens, etc... oh well..
  3. AndyMarquisLive

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    I imagine a lot of tracks simply don't think it's worth the costs of getting a date anymore. CARS Tour is the biggest thing in the Southeast/Mid-Atlantic now. If any track's going to spend that kind of money for a race, that's what they'll go for.
  4. toledo47

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    Have not heard much about full time drivers yet. I did see that Max McLaughlin from the Super DIRTcar Seris big block modifieds will be full time with Hattori. Sam Mayer will be running in the east series with GMS. Ruben Garcia and Chase Cabre will be back with Rev Racing full time, it appears that their 3rd car will go to just being part time... The year before last they had 4 full time cars... 4 to 2 in two seasons... that sucks
    I've heard that the Bassett Brothers will not be back, not sure if thats 100% or not.
  5. rd45usa

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  6. toledo47

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    I think NASCAR was a bit harsh with those penalties.... A series that had 13 or 14 cars show up at Thompson and 15 at some other tracks, struggled to get good fields the past two seasons, and they have just eliminated a team that would have ran all of the races.
    Car owner and driver suspended for three races AND 100 point penalty to owner and driver... So, they have no reason to even bother attempting to run for the championship . Might as well just pick a handful that they are interested. Skip races like Thompson that need cars and are far away from all of the teams...
    Bad call for the points battle and for the fans in the stands... I think a lately cash fine would have been better. Maybe a small points fine...
    Don’t like it
  7. Danny Ray Bennett

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  8. Spotter22

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    I'm sure the other teams dont like racing with someone who has an advantage because they broke the rules.
  9. toledo47

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    Yeah I realize that, but for a series that struggles to get cars, to basically tell one team they aren’t allowed to compete for 2019... it kinda sucks . When I see a 14 or 15 car field and that car isn’t in the race, I’ll be thinking , it would be nice to have an extra car in the race ...
  10. Spotter22

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    They broke one of the strictest rules NASCAR has so they were hit hard, maybe they will get it reduced on appeal but they should have known better.
  11. StandOnIt

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    Not sure they are struggling myself. They have an East and a West series, and some will be joining ARCA at the end of the season. I wonder though how many might come over to ARCA now that all of their races will be televised live. What might look like a struggle to some is a step up for others if they get some sponsorship that wants to be on TV.
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    The races with ARCA arent til next year and that’s spread out throughout the season at ARCA short track races. They have 13 cars each at Thompson and Oregon last Year. 15 car fields were the norm . That’s less than healthy for those series. A full field is 24. They should be able to have 20 at every race.
  13. toledo47

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    Derek Kraus won the rain delayed Monday K&N Pro Series season opener.
    They had 19 cars, pretty decent field.
    The #17 DGR car of Ty Gibbs appealed their penalty (and i dont think a final penalty has been given out since they appealed) and showed up to the race.
    They also had the 3 full time west series cars of BMR. The #87 car that finished in last and only ran 20 laps... well... I've only seen them run at south boston last year. They were extremely slow and caused numerous cautions by solo spins.... Hate to bash a team because at least they did show up... but it doesn't really help the car count or race much having that car there....
    If the 17 went with the suspension and the 3 BMR cars were not there, would have been a 15 car field... Car counts may be a little rough at some of the races. I hope i'm wrong though! Couldn't attend this race because i'm out of the country but i'm sure i'll be at a number of them probably the next couple of races at least (Bristol in April and South Boston in May). Looking forward to seeing how it goes this year!

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