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  3. AuzGrams

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    Not bad. I really hope car counts are up in ARCA, ARCA West & ARCA East.

    Pretty cool they're doing a throwback race at Salem.
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  4. AndyMarquisLive

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    Absolutely awful.

    Where is Toledo?

    A lot of ARCA teams don't have the money to travel to Elko. So they added Phoenix to the schedule? And what is with this Phoenix love? Is NASCAR back to trying to be a west coast sport?

    Also really disappointed about the finale still being in Kansas on a Friday.

    For whatever reason, NASCAR is really obsessed with Kansas and Phoenix and making them meaningful tracks.
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  5. Kiante

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    ISM has to pay for all of the new renovations.

    Toledo is going to be on the East schedule, weird considering it is ARCA's like home state.
  6. nitetrain

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    Kansas is not about the racing.
    It is all about the casino that the France family has ownership .
    France/Nascar is all about the dollar dollar bills.

    It is a shame to not give the ARCA series the proper respect it is due. Remember when the Daytona race was on Sunday and the ARCA series was in the spotlight.
  7. Formerjackman

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    It is weird that Toledo is not on the ARCA schedule, since it is THE home track of ARCA, so to speak. Toledo is to ARCA what Daytona is to NASCAR. It's not just a race, it's HOME. Also would have liked to see Winchester on the schedule. You could make a great series out of just Toledo, Winchester, Salem and IRP. Other than the two omissions, it looks pretty good. I do HOPE the changes can bring a sense of purpose and excitement back to the series. It has fallen so far from the time I was involved.
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  8. AuzGrams

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    Toledo is on the East Schedule guys....... which is under the ARCA banner now..

    Phoenix is the only West Coast ARCA race and its a Showdown race.

    I kinda agree Kansas is a one weekend market, but let's not act like ARCA at Kansas is anything new.
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  9. Charlie Spencer

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    Only one trip to Salem? Huh.
  10. AndyMarquisLive

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    It's not the same. This is like making the Coca-Cola 600 a Truck Series race.
  11. AuzGrams

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    So we're comparing a half decent ARCA track to the Coca-Cola 600? Lol

    ARCA and the West and East Series have been pretty similar for a good while now IMO.

    Who's to say the East Series won't put up a good show. Weaver's reporting made it sound like there's some optimism with the merger.
  12. Spotter22

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    They raced Elko this year and the finale is at Kansas this year on a friday, no different. I dont think having them go to Phoenix is a bad idea, its a nice fit for that series and will be a Cup support race. Live TV, good crowd and weather.
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  13. AndyMarquisLive

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    It's a great idea for K&N W... er, ARCA West.
  14. Spotter22

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    The idea eventually is to have them all together. Got to start somewhere
  15. AuzGrams

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    They're running ARCA Menards Series West in PHX as their finale in November.

    I certainly do agree there is some merit to NASCAR wanting to prop up ISM & Kansas (Hollywood Casino) a bit.

    Anyway, I hope these are the ARCA West & ARCA East schedules...

    ARCA West (8 races):
    Las Vegas Bullring (confirmed)
    Irwindale (confirmed)
    Colorado National
    Sonoma (confirmed)
    All-American (confirmed)
    Meridian or Kern County --- I kinda like Meridian, I think this could rotate every year though.
    Phoenix (confirmed)

    ARCA East (7 races):
    Five Flags (confirmed)
    South Boston
    Toledo (confirmed)
    Watkins Glen (confirmed) --- so is ARCA & ARCA East going there the same weekend??
    New Hampshire (confirmed)
    Dover (confirmed)
  16. toledo47

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    The September Salem race has actually been a throw back race for a few years now. Went this year, only a few cars actually had throwback paint schemes...
  17. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses.

    Apparently not.
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  18. AuzGrams

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    Colorado National just announced the SRL Southwest Tour is headed there in 2020. Underrated series anyway.

    I'm guessing the West Series isn't returning.
  19. toledo47

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    I would imagine you are correct. With an 6-8 race schedule and races like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Sonoma, etc... already confirmed, it doesn't leave many openings on the schedule. I talked to one of the big west team owners a few years ago about the possible merger thing (before ARCA was even part of it) and the thing he hated about it was some tracks (he specifically mentioned "tracks like Colorado") being cut from the schedule. I dont mind seeing the east series schedule cut down, the schedule has been pretty crap on that side for a couple of years anyway. I really really like the west series schedule lately though... We will see what happens...
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  20. AuzGrams

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    Irwindale is supposedly confirmed as well...

    I really hope the West Schedule is 8 races & East is the lesser amount (6-7).
  21. toledo47

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    I really can’t imagine Roseville or Kern going away either... I agree, I won’t mind seeing the east schedule cut down but the west needs more . The east teams will have plenty of chances to run with the main ARCA series in the eastern half of the country anyway
  22. toledo47

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    East Series Schedule Released
    Monday, Feb. 10 New Smyrna Speedway New Smyrna Beach, Fla.
    Saturday, March 14 Five Flags Speedway Pensacola, Fla.
    Saturday, April 4 Bristol Motor Speedway Bristol, Tenn.
    Saturday, May 16 Toledo Speedway Toledo, Ohio
    Saturday, July 25 Berlin Raceway Marne, Mich.
    Friday, Aug. 21 Dover International Speedway Dover, Del.
    Saturday, Sept. 12 New Hampshire Motor Speedway Loudon, N.H.

    I hate to see South Boston gone, that was my favorite event on the east series calendar for the past couple of years. Berlin being back is a nice surprise. Was hoping Salem might have an east race since the national ARCA schedule went down to only 1 event... Overall I don't mind this schedule too much. If the west series schedule is this short though... I don't think i'll like it.
    Still has not been announced yet, the west series finale is this weekend, so maybe they will announce it soon...
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  23. jws926

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    So we are gonna have an Arca race here now................ok............
  24. AuzGrams

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    They should trade out Dover for South Boston, not a fan of the East cars there for some reason, but other than that it's a decent schedule.

    The West schedule could really be 8 races.
  25. toledo47

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    Though I would definitely prefer South Boston over Dover, I actually enjoy most of the races there, I've attended 6 and always thought it was a pretty good show, though lately they have not had many cars which isn't good especially on any of the big tracks. I thought Dover put on better shows than the other big tracks i've seen K&N at (New Hampshire, Iowa, Rockingham).
    Pretty satisfied with the east schedule, already knowing it was going to be short. Though i'm not sure I would have traded South Boston for Berlin, i definitely like South Boston better, I still think its a pretty decent trade.
    Any of the other races that I cared about (Memphis) are with the main ARCA race.
    I guess my prediction of the west series at 8 races would be:
    Las Vegas
    All American
    Phoenix ...
    Thats 7...
    Tucson, Colorado, Meridian... who knows which of those might survive. I have not been to Meridian, love both Colorado and Tucson, would hate for either to go. Has become a yearly tradition going to Tucson for that past 3 years, so I hope to keep that going. Both Colorado and Tucson get good crowds, though based on my 1 Colorado trip, it gets the better crowds out of the two.
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  26. AuzGrams

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    Yeah I live in Colorado now and saw that they have the SRL Southwest Tour there so I'm thinking (IMO) that Colorado won't be back. I hope so.
  27. toledo47

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    Seems a little far for the SRL! Would be a good thing if the track could have both series. I talked to Bill McAnally a few years ago at the final Greenville race and the talks of the east and west series merging were getting big around then. He mentioned he didn't like it because tracks like Colorado would lose their races (specifically mentioned Colorado)...
    SRL is a decent SLM series, I've seen a couple of races of theirs at Irwindale and All American Speedway when they ran on the same night as K&N, a good show, but a poor replacement for K&N. Nothing Colorado could get that is a better replacement though unfortunately...
  28. SpeedPagan

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    So, why are there three different ARCA Series?
  29. kkfan91

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    Because the K&N East and West are now ARCA East and West
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