2021 12 Hours of Sebring

Ok , well, just so Jimmy is having fun. But he seems waaaaaaay out of his motorsports zone.
Jr. just passed on a JJ indycar test quote. "I am worth for at least 5 spins". I am not going to pick
on him too bad , I am just glad he is here.
Jimmie really climbing the learning curve.

Jr. sounds like he knows what he's talking about. I wonder if he had any time on track?
The #31 bunch sure love to pick fights. Three wide into Sunset Bend rarely works and the GTD Aston definitely helped close that hole. Not sure why AXR are saying they’re going headhunting for the #01 now.

That sucks to see two strong GTD cars taken out like that. Rear brakes locked up, jumped the kerb, and that was all she wrote.

Goes to show ABS problems have been brought up today. That's crazy, it looked almost as if the ABS just gave up right there.
Has to be something mechanical here, some sort of brake/electronic failure. You have to be carrying a ton of energy to move the concrete barriers back that far. Perera said there was nothing he could do.

@Kiante any hint of rain coming? Looks pretty overcast on the stream
Wind is picking up a bit, however I think there will not be any rain. Forecast only predicts at most a 2% chance of rain.

EDIT: AT&T coverage is horrible out here. It's hard to find service out here in Sebring. This is pretty much a small country town with a race track...lol.
Halfway through, it seems like this race has yo-yo’d back and forth between long stretches of clean racing and then 15-minute bursts where a bunch of people decide to go off at once.

Pretty surprised that GTD, the biggest class of all by far, is down to only five or six cars on the lead lap.

Looks like the temperature might drop a lot tonight which could change things up a lot.
Jimmie is not doing bad at all, about three to three in a half tenths off of some of the fastest guys behind the wheel.

He's slowly getting better. From what I see his ability to manage traffic is significantly better than it was at Daytona.
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