2021 12 Hours of Sebring

Penalty for the 48, Pagenaud has gone over his time allowance.

They will finish last.

IIRC, one of the full course yellows earlier they pitted the car and then as they were coming to the one-to-go signal they pitted Simon again to put Kamui in. So I think they literally just forgot and realized too late. Really tough break, a lot of new rules to learn with a heavily NASCAR-based crew but that's probably one of the more important figures you'd try to keep in mind.
Ugh.....3 of my 6 picks are in the pits and out.
Kiante - watch out for burning furniture.
I hear its a thing after the race.
Bourdais is doing what he does best.

Quick laps on worn tires. He literally saves his fastest laps for his final stint.
So many big incidents today, more than I can remember for some time. Looks like the wheel was just breaking off because they hadn't pitted in some time.
Awesome race once again!
I guess I am most happiest for the Weathertech Porsche team.
As the series sponsor, they deserve all the love they can get.
Seb's still got it. Can't believe that thing won after getting sideswiped by the #48 when Jimmie spun and then getting bodied by Nasr coming out of the pit.

Porsche can't lose here, even with a privateer GTLM. And the #79 gets back at the #25 for plowing through them before the green at Daytona.
The whole top element of the rear wing broke off for the last run, as Bourdais said. He struggled a ton in the corners and would pull away from the Mazda on the straights, impressive that he held on long enough to even make it at all without wrecking.

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