2022 Bommarito Automotive Group 500

A lot of old stats need to be viewed within a certain context. Both sides of the split developed some stats that look goofy in retrospect.

Look at Tony Stewart’s championship IRL season and you’d probably value it less than an SRX title.
I obviously wasn't around back then but nascarman said in one of his documentaries that the IRL basically picked some random racers off the street for the 1996 500.
I’m not sounding the alarm because of the bad weather & NASCAR Cup in June, but the crowd wasn’t as good this year at Gateway.
It’s looking ugly, maybe they should call it as much as I like them to go the full distance
Gateway is a solid track for NASCAR & IndyCar. Hopefully it stays on both schedules for a while.
Yeah this is dragging on but at least the fans are getting a good show.
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