2022 Hy-VeeDeals.com 250 / Hy-Vee Salute To Farmers 300 @ Iowa Speedway

Jimmy Johnson had a hell of a day, didn't he?

Newgarden fending off Ericsson was the best racing we have seen this year. There was also nonstop action no matter where you looked.

These oval double headers are awesome.
This is Indycar at its best! Oval racing with side by side driving lap after lap. Road racing is fun to watch, big ovals are fun but have become too dangerous and sadly my home track of TMS has shot itself in the foot with the reconfiguration of the banking and especially PJ1 in 2021. I would love to see more races at tracks like Iowa, Phoenix, Richmond, Milwaukee
Yesterday's and today's races have been labeled as such in the NBC Sports app. Clearly a lot of attention being paid.

Screenshot_20220724-135821_NBC Sports.jpg
Paddle Award still hanging in there quietly, four seconds back. Could be a factor if the Penskes try to wipe each other out again.

Looks like this is moving well enough to have some Cup leftover.
AMSP need to try to undercut Newgarden with Pato. Worked on Power and I doubt anyone is beating Josef straight up.
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