2022 Hy-VeeDeals.com 250 / Hy-Vee Salute To Farmers 300 @ Iowa Speedway

Ballsy from Johnson on Ericcson, and thankfully clean, this is good stuff. I love Hinch, but shut up with the iMPliCaTioNs / begging for team orders talk.
I think we saw two very entertaining races this weekend, hopefully this doubleheader will return next year.
The championship is more than wide open and I can't wait to see what happens in the next race.
Also, it was fun to see JJ race like a 20-year-old. (in the most positive way possible)
Bad sequence of events today, very concerning for sure. Hoping for the best. They said he passed checks during the initial trip to the care center but the accelerometer G’s measured high enough he’d have to be reevaluated Thursday anyways, before the fall/bump.
Scans negative

Very glad to see this statement, brain scans are negative, being held overnight anyway. Maybe it's just me, but when I read the earlier news that Newgarden had passed out and fell... I had flashbacks to when I heard about Mark Donohue after that '75 Austrian GP.

Obviously, I'm not a medical guy, but I'm glad Josef is under the direct care of a first-rate trauma center
Couple of scary situations after the race. Didn't know the pit guy was hurt so bad and the Newgarden deal is strange. Sounds like the immediate results are good so just have to figure out what and why this happened much later. Wish the best recovery for both guys.
From a short article in "The Athletic"...

IndyCar champion Josef Newgarden was released from MercyOne Des Moines Medical Center on Monday morning and returned to his home in Nashville, per Team Penske.

Team Penske announced Monday that Santino Ferrucci will be on standby heading into this weekend’s race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course.
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