2022 Salhen's Six Hours of The Glen


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Sep 6, 2013
North Carolina
It's already begun, about 32 minutes in and the Acura DPis are running away with it right now.
LMP3 is chaotic, per usual.
GTD Pro and GTD is pretty nuts in how close all of the cars are.
#81 LMP2 seems to have set its left front wheel free to run its own race. Unusual for that team to make that kind of mistake.

EDIT - happened late in a run, not post-stop. Mechanical failure?
Has it been that bad so far? I’m betting LMP3s…I look forward to them presumably going away next year.

IMSA needs to look into virtual safety car / slow zones like a normal road racing series. The FCY procedure is simply too long to have to bring it out for any incident.
Pretty deep into green running now and the 01 and 60 have been inseparable the whole time. First, Blomqvist and Bourdais; now, Jarvis and Van der Zande.

Good battle in P2 with the top four covered by just a couple of seconds with the pros in at the moment.
Should start raining in the next 15 minutes or so for a passing shower. So fun watching the 60 and the 10
I’d like to see rain but unfortunately it looks pretty heavy and with lightning too. Any nearby strike probably means a 30 minute red.
Camping and infield looks pretty good. I’m definitely not trying to sit in grandstands for six hours. NASCAR also sells out the whole thing, grandstands and camping alike.
Yeah I've only been to Road America but if I'm at a road course I'm going to wander to different spots until I find one I like. At Road America that was in the woods on the outside of the carousel.
Wish there was a better turnout for fan attendance. That area is extremely economically depressed and heavily relies on tourism these days
Overall inflation and specifically the price of gas have to be part of that.

Note: this is not a political statement and does not speculate on the causes of inflation.
Damn, front of that Lambo is gone, that was a very hard hit.

I expected an additional lap, but that didn't happen. Good on WTR.

Hell of a battle in LMP2 to the finish. Glad to see Louis doing well in sportscar racing.
Holy cow, what a finish with all of the traffic bunched together for the sprint run. Can’t believe it’s been so long for WTR to win the 6 Hour here.

Great nose-to-tail finish in LMP2 as well, and a fuel mileage winner for the M4 in GTD Pro.
RLL needed some momentum in the sports car world and congrats to Windward in the 57!

I hope IMSA takes away some of that added weight on the Caddy, it really hindered them today.
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