2023-24 Fall/Winter Weather Thread

Early Fall is my favorite weather of the year.
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Yeah, it’s been nice the past month here. Looks like we’re going back to the 80s this week here.

NOAA is still calling for an extremely warm winter in spite of El Niño.
Always the start of Winter where I’m wishing it was still warm. It’s only 47 today, however it’s cloudy with rain.
Watching our first Winter storm of the season on Saturday. 4-8 inches depending on who you ask. We’ll be right around freezing, so it could go either way.
Looking like a nice, chilly week ahead with lows in the 30s and highs in the 50s.

Local NWS office put something out saying they expect summer-like temperatures in December. 😳
46 F for the high today in Greenville SC and some freezing nights in the forecast this week. It can get worse, but that qualifys for winter here.
I'm pulling my 73 SL out of storage - no snow in the forcast and I love driving the older cars.
We’re definitely getting our fair share of snow. We’re only about 1 1/2 inches from our yearly total average, and still much Winter to go. We just got hit today, and we have two more incoming storms next week. Snow is okay, but the arctic air we have coming in about a week and a half isn’t welcome!
We have ANOTHER severe weather outbreak coming tomorrow.

Tuesday's storms were pretty bad too. Probably the worst storm to come through here since Hurricane Florence in 2018.

This weather pattern is very weird. El Nino usually means a lot of storm systems, but it's also usually much colder and systems like this don't produce severe weather.
Pretty much every school in Kansas is closed tomorrow due to the cold weather. Apparently us Kansans are a bunch of wimps! I guess it also has to do with inadequate heaters in schools and bus batteries that may not be able to start. 🤷‍♂️
After tomorrow, we have a high of at least 40 degrees throughout at least the next ten days. Feels good to say that after all the single digit highs we have had recently.
23 degrees in Raleigh NC is COLD! Possibly in the mid-teens tonight. No snow thankfully. We don't handle snow very well.

Got cold here, down into the 20s. Now we're back in the 60s and heading for the mid-70s.

Weirdest El Nino ever. In spite of the cold weather the past week, it looks like it will be another historically warm and snowless winter. What's also weird is how dry the weather has been for the most part.

The climate has definitely changed.
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El Nino is supposed to be colder, wetter winters in the Southeast. Looking like it'll be our seventh straight year without winter.
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