2023 Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix

You're telling me that Dixon just experienced bad luck and Rossi good luck? That can't last.
This is starting to look more like a Saturday night short track oval race the way it's being raced up front. The cautions at the back are wearing thin though.
Strange take for Scott Mclaughlin… he felt the 28 took some track away from him??

Scott wasn’t even with him until the 28 entered the corner
Just gotta say the Indycar website is absolutely terrible. The top story is Palou winning the Pole. If you want to see who won the race you have to scroll all the way to the bottom.
Despite all the doomerism that was a much better race than I, and many others, were anticipating.
Sorry about the previous doomerism!

It was better than I was expecting too, but then again I wasn't expecting much. I was impressed the carnage was as limited as it was.

I still thought it was awful. The place looked like a dump. I get it they want races with the "charm" of Monoco, but this place really fell short......badly.
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