2023 Daytona Pre-Race Thread

BUT...BUT...NASCAR IS DEAD :rolleyes:o_O
Far from dead but also far from its heyday. I used to love this sport more than any other, exception….. the NFL. I’m now hard pressed to get the interest up to even watch today’s race. Today used to be one of my favorite days of the year.

20 years ago almost everyone I knew was a huge NASCAR fan. Seems like most of them, and myself, have moved well beyond those days.

I’m glad there are those that were able to stick with it and also glad for those new eyes on the sport. Hopefully it can get back to what it once was.
Nothing like a Daytona 500 Sunday afternoon! Wish we were there but my wife and I will watch on the 75” mini LED from the other side of the peninsula!
I wonder if 'ol Chris Myers had some surgery done recently. His face looks like an old catchers mitt. And that voice....
Is Michael Waltrip still living above that pizza joint in Sherill’s Ford?
I would be proud as a peacock to get to watch the Daytona 500 on NBC.

You know I'd see a movie about Bill France starting NASCAR...not this weird tongue on cheek thing Fox put together.
A Greek guy won a silver medal at the Ski World Championship this afternoon so there has already been a highlight today.

Hoping for a great race and a wonderful NASCAR season. Can't wait for the green flag!
Huge tossed salad from Lowe's salad bar and a Diet Pepsi. Triscuits and Margaritaville Salsa on tap for later in the race. Grilled ham and cheese coming later.

And if anyone cares, Marie Sharp's 'Smoking Marie' Smoked Habanero is my new favorite hot sauce.
2 hot dog lunch with pickles and chips. Beverages and M&M’s ready to go. Happy Daytona 500 day!!!!!!!
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