2023 Grand Prix of Portland


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Feb 9, 2013
Alex Palou can become the first driver to clinch a post-merger IndyCar title before the season finale. The last to do so were Dan Wheldon in 2005 (IRL IndyCar) and Sebastien Bourdais in 2007 (Champ Car).

Graham grabbed his second pole of the season; he had three in his career prior to this year.

Myles Rowe clinched the USF Pro 2000 title in his first try in the series.

I'm hoping for some improvement from the ... Hero to Zero stars like Rossi or Herta.
Rossi? Seriously? !!ZULU!! ZULU!! YOU PUNK!! I'll tell you guys what he did to me -later on.😬😬
Okay. Okay. I'll lighten up about Rossi. I don't want to ruin the race for you guys. Just being silly. Sorry.
So..we’re clear Herta is the Hamlin of Indycar correct? Guy would be a 9 time champion if you got points for speeding on pit road.
Rahal lost so much time. How is that even possible?
Hilarious. They just want to get Palou his championship as soon as possible.

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Spicy Dixon on the radio. Tbh, I tend to agree with him. The “Danger Zone” isn’t real anymore since they always wait to throw the yellow now.
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Dixon completely out of the equation because he has to pass all these Lappers. Lmao
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The lack of a penalty isn't going to start me pulling against Palou, but it will leave a bad taste in my mouth for a few days. It's not like it was going to cost him his title; barring a complete failure, the dude would be uncatchable next race anyway.
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