2023 Grand Prix of Portland

Rossi. Started 9th. Finished 20th. Nice driving. You punk!!

A couple of "behind the scenes" notes. O'Ward and Grosjean got the biggest roars from the crowd as the drivers passed by the stands riding in various cars touring the track after the introductions.

After the race, a golf cart with O'Ward fans cruised behind the grandstand with music going and they were chanting and singing. They went back and forth 3 or 4 times and would wave and cheer louder directly behind our stand in the chicane because there was a Mister Taco food truck there. Fun bunch!

Not "behind the scenes" was the ridiculous blocking from Palou. I hate blocking in any form of racing. Not professional and many times (Nascar) it causes a wreck.
Got to watch the race yesterday evening. I don't get how the Palou blocking incident wasn't even reviewed but overall he was clearly the best driver over the course of the season and a well-deserved champion.
Finally a good run for Rinus.
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