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So, if you're Ganassi, what do you do with Palou now?
I wouldn’t budge. McLaren have a deadline of October 1 to take up Rosenqvist’s real team option, and it looks increasingly likely the CGR/Palou legal proceedings would play out beyond that date if they see the whole thing out. It sounds more and more like McLaren want to sort things out before they lose their Plan B and may even want to buy out Palou. The problem with that is, according to Townsend Bell during the race broadcast Sunday, CGR are looking for $10M. That amount won’t happen, but they do hold leverage right now and can see how badly McLaren truly want Alex and how much they’re willing to part with, if anything.
they do hold leverage right now and can see how badly McLaren truly want Alex and how much they’re willing to part with, if anything.
This. Chip holds most / all the cards. Quietly look around to see who could drive the car next year while waiting on McLaren's check to clear. If nothing happens, he has a championship driver under contract, one who's too personally competitive to not do his best.
If this really happens it would make me happy. They've had such small fields for years and I almost dread having to sit through their race.
"I’m excited to announce that
and I have come to an agreement and I’ll be back in the No. 10 car next season!"

Or in real speak:
I'm grateful for CGR taking me back after the McLaren seat was filled, and I wasted everyone's time.
IndyCar has announced a new "multi-year partnership" with Texas so I guess if it gets redisigned it will not become a Superspeedway like Atlanta.
I’m gonna start going to Texas now they aren’t over saturating their product and don’t turn it into another pointless Superspeedway hopefully
I'd like to see Jamie in a full-time ride in Indy Lights. Nothing left to prove for her in the W Series, she's the most promising woman in racing by a wide margin.
Honestly, Chadwick along with Powell, Visser, and I'm big on Juju Noda's potential. I'd like to see them give the Indy ladder a good shake.
F1 being an American company and currently expanding into the States, will make changes as they needed to maximize exposure and that mandates American Drivers. FIA will comply with those wishes or move on.
They’ll likely have an American driver - just one that did it “their” way. No one wants to split and go to EU court because some random IndyCar driver couldn’t get a ride. It sucks but the sport is seeing tremendous growth and no one wants to upset that apple cart.

FIA/FOTA split of 2009 had more going for it and even that didn’t pan out.
I'm thinking that FIA is on thin ice.
RN365 wrote ...

"Although there had been backroom bickering since 17 December, matters came to a head during Tuesday's F1 Commission meet when the FIA refused to agree to a doubling of F1 Sprint races from the current three to six in 2023, on the basis that the governing body needed to examine the impact on its resources. This was not unreasonable given the FIA's $25m hole, but was immediately perceived as 'greed' by the opposite faction.

The fall-out is significant, given that for the first time since Liberty gained the keys the sport, the FIA and F1 did not vote as a block; more significant, though, is that after months of haggling over cash for Sprint races, all teams sided with Liberty, only for the FIA to then block the matter. The FIA may well U-turn eventually, whether by way of a sweetener or not, but either way the shock waves were felt from London to Paris.

While it is too early for Liberty to consider a breakaway from the FIA – in terms of EU law, the governing body would be forced to approve the series provided FIA safety standards are adhered to and the F1 trademark is not used – but the thought has surely crossed a few minds. GP1, anyone?"
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