2023 Rolex 24 at DAYTONA


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Feb 9, 2013
Finally!!! There is light at the end of the tunnel of the off season.

NFL and Australian Open just are not doing it for me.

Alkamel seems to be showing timing in all sessions:

Not sure , but I do know from the Roars I have been to ,
they will throw a red for even a roll off in the grass, just
to be on the safe side .
I hope it wasn't something more significant. They lost the last fifteen minutes. That sounds like a long time just for mowing the grass.
I have a feeling the Penske Porsche is going to be a force to be reckoned with all season.
Spent a few years on the fence line watching the yellow DHL Spyder spank the
field and class in several races 15 /16 years ago. Feels good to have them back.
The Corvette had a steering failure out of the chicane and got into the wall, kinda scary but lucky it didn’t happen at full speed. Penske #6 (rear suspension, front wheel bearing) and AXR (shifting) missed a decent amount of time yesterday.

Other than that MSR picked up where they left off, with Colin Braun leading the early session and Helio the evening session.

VP Challenge race#1

boogity boogity boogity lets go............. oh nevermind. :XXROFL:
I have to laugh at these being two generations of the same model from BMW 🐽

I think it’s great Jim Farley is actually out there racing Mustangs. The new broadcast graphics seem good but I could do without the race title circle being so big.
Four straight sessions led by MSR now, including three straight Acura 1-2s with WTR. All four sessions also with the GTD leader ahead of GTD Pro.
Pretty rainy evening and into the night so most of the field stayed in the garage in the final practice session of the weekend.

TV production team wisely ignoring the uncompetitive LMP3 class and focusing on the top seven GSX spots. Good stuff going on there.
I don't know how the body colors are applied on the #10 but it is frickin' cool. On the ****pit camera shots, you can see the clouds reflected in the front fenders, shifting around as the car changes direction, as if they were blue mirrors.
GTP onboards sound awesome with how much higher revving all four engines are compared to the DPi machines.
New year, new car, same Acura.

Give Blomqvist more time to get heat in the tires and the track record is finished I think.
I’m glad the GTP guys decided to put on a show because GTD was the biggest sandbagging session anywhere since Le Mans 2016.
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