2023 Sonsio Grand Prix at Road America

Can't say I can recall a veteran in any series do something that stupid since the Kevin LePage incident at Talladega in Xfinity 12ish years ago
I can't recall a single time Dixon has ever done anything like that. It had to be a mechanical thing or maybe he was dodging debris or something. There has to be a good reason he did that.
Bizarre practice crash between Dixon and Power this morning, big one.

"I have never seen Will Power that fired up"
Hate to say it but it looks like Dixon has lost all his speed. This series is too stuffed with young guns.
So Will had an earlier run-in with Grosjean during that same practice, and had something to say about it after his Q1 exit. Old Willy P is back today.

So Will had an earlier run-in with Grosjean during that same practice, and had something to say about it after his Q1 exit. Old Willy P is back today.

Will power has always given me little man angry syndrome. Lol

So intense all the time. Jesus
It seems Grosjean has become everyone's problem.

If I were in Power's shoes I'll tell Romain the next time he tried that I won't move. Then again, as mad as Power was, I wouldn't be surprised to see Will just go clobber him.
Track looks amazing. Road America is such a fun venue to watch.

Dixon had just spun maybe 8-10 seconds before cutting over into Power. Still a terrible miscalculation, but the context does help lead to how he likely had zero idea that two vehicles were following him… likely his own team didn’t have enough time update him what to look for in his trail after spinning out.

David Malukas looks to have some good speed this weekend. This has potential to be a good race for him

A little surprised Penske spent both practices trying to get towards the top end of the speed ladder. They did test, but it didn’t carry over at least in practice… Newgarden at least ends up with a good spot on the starting grid, but overall their cars didn’t show strong speed…

I’d think they will pick their way through the running order Sunday though, before race end
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The hidden beauty is Dixon, Grosjean and Power are all starting in a pack between 19th and 21st. Power is pissed off at everyone, Grosjean will be Grosjean, and Dixon is smart enough to stay out of it with those two. Smart money is 50/50 there's going to be an incident.

I want to know why Indycar doesn't get involved when a driver shoves another off the road at 200 mph. Why didn't Grosjean get a penalty? There's not much incentive here to drive cleanly and fairly. Grosjean has had so many accidents and pissed off so many people it's a repeat of his F1 career, and we know how that ended.

I'm going to give Dixon a pass because I can't ever remember him having a stupid accident. Grosjean seems to have those every race. The issue stems from F1 drivers being allowed to chop, block, swerve, run each other off the road, and even crash each other on purpose for the last 30 years. Last year they clarified the code and it was the cleanest F1 we have seen in decades, but Grosjean wasn't there and continues to drive like he's at Bahrain. There Grosjean threw a block and the other guy couldn't get out of the way, and from there it was a trip into the guardrail and a big fire. Grosjean isn't driving any better now, so who wants to guess where this could lead?

How do you light yourself on fire and not use that as motivation to stay alive? How can you come that close to roasting alive and not taking that as a sign to stop the stupid behavior?

I'm not sure what can be done except having someone like Mario talk to him. Even Mikey has a ton to lose here, and he probably needs to get involved just to minimize his equipment getting destroyed.
Herta and Pato on front row. Got a feeling the dominant Rossi of old might make an appearance today though.

Hinch and Townsend don’t seem to agree on much.

I think if a guy is fully alongside at the apex you shouldn’t be able to shove him off track.

Yep. Newgarden should have been told to drop behind Lundgaard, to maintain consistency just from earlier in the race. If they aren't going to call a penalty on either that or Veekay / Rosenqvist, I'm not sure what qualifies going forward.

It's especially perplexing given that they have wide berth to penalize big or small, and every penalty isnt a death sentence.
Chastain Furrucci in the 14 just shoved marcus off in the same exact spot Newgarden did to the 45

… not a word further about it
How is everyone else being penalized and Newgarden is doing anything he wants?

I just want to know how we are scoring this stuff today
Newgarden is running everyone off the road. Pato got an instant penalty for the slightest touch.

For some reason Indy has adapted Newgarden as the favorite son. That **** rubs me wrong.
Race Control encourages drivers to drive like ****, then they proceed to drive like ****. 🤷‍♂️

This drives me nuts. Looking like the end of a NASCAR race at the Indy RC. Start making some calls.
Chip should definitely do everything he can to keep Marcus Armstrong next year though, and make him full-time. Impressive part-time rookie campaign so far.
Really thought this could be a good race for Malukas today. He was towards the top of speed charts in both practices… qualifying didn’t work out, but thought he’d show up in the 55 laps today
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