2023 United States Grand Prix


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Mar 5, 2023
Track is open. I am laying in bed though because I was out last night and do not want to emerge for at least another 10-15 minutes. Sprint race weekend, so double the chances for Verstappen wins.
People are indeed here. Not full in the stands yet but a lot of people walking around.
Max loses pole on his final run to track limits, drops to P6. Leclerc and Norris secure front row. Should at least make for an interesting opening stanza.
Damn I really thought pole was possible for Lewis. He needed that to create a buffer to Max.

Max and Hamilton had similar race pace so should still be interesting.
Interesting sprint quali.

Why is the actual race 3 hours later though? lol
Theoretically it's as hot as yesterday but there's cloud cover today. Been a lot more reasonable as a result in the stands as a result. F1 Academy race #2 wasn't half bad! Also forgot Porsche Cup was here and they had a good field.
Can Mercedes give Hamilton a good car? Arggg
Best part of that sprint race :
1- Cars on track at speed.
2- No one got damage.
3- Good crowd.

Now to go watch the Academy races on the dvr.
For the Sprint Race talk, here's my 0.02: I would be more inclined to buy a Saturday ticket as I'm basically getting an F1 race (abbreviated, sure) and skip Sunday. I mean that seriously. Yesterday you could go secondary market and get a seat for about $75. Came with a full Queen set as they played about two hours with encore plus pyro at the end and all the support series. Is that good for F1? I dunno, but they're kinda dumb sometimes.
Both Aston Martin and Hass cars will start from the pit lane after breaking parc ferme.

That only gives us 16 cars on the grid then.
The different lines you can take through the stadium section at COTA make it one of the best spots for racing on the calendar:

I like the COTA but I think they originally signed on with Red Band Flour as the track sponsor.

That's why they painted it up with up with that hideous stripe before the deal fail through.
Good battle between Max and Charles.

Hamilton has made up only a little ground on Lando after taking P2.

I thought that was a bully move. Has faster car, still feels the need to push people off.
I thought that was a bully move. Has faster car, still feels the need to push people off.
They all kinda do that at that section of track, lots of runoff and downhill. Hard but fair IMO.

Max is starting to hound Lando into mistakes, big lockup into the hairpin.
Big lunge by Max for the lead. He still has to finish on hards, maybe mediums for Norris to the finish?
Big lunge by Max for the lead. He still has to finish on hards, maybe mediums for Norris to the finish?

Looks like that could be the plan. Norris killed his tires in record time. Lewis brought his hards in slowly for a reason.
Norris burned his tires off last stint so I guess McLaren opted not to put him on mediums for that reason.

See if Hamilton can make a challenge for the win on these tires now.
GG Hamilton.

He said this week he's the only one in the grid who can fight Max and he's proving it. Mercedes pits are so slow too.
Hamilton definitely had pace towards the end and is better than most at managing tires. Just lost too much time at the end of his first stint I think. That was a great pass for P2 on Lando.

I think he’ll be able to take P2 in the WDC from Checo by the end of the season.
Lewis and Leclerc failed post race inspection. Great
Officially DQ’d, so that means first career point for Sargeant and on home soil as well.

COTA is a bumpy track so I don’t think it was malicious intent, Merc were running a new floor this weekend too.

Louis needed a good race for his points battle with Checo. Ooops.

LeClerc has got to be pretty frustrated with how his season is working out.

Poor Lando is so close yet again.

Isn't this like the third or fouth podium Sainz has gotten without actually going to the podium?

Good to see Perez find some form and hopefully back on track. He needs a confidence boost going into his home GP and hopefully this will do it.

Lance really needed a good race, and as disasterous of a weekend as Aston had, he got a good result.

Great to see Sargent get a point. This may have saved his drive for next year.
Sargeant didn't really deserve the point but at least he was making overtakes and looking competent out there yesterday. So much about F1 is stuff that feels extraneous to "cars going zoom and racing each other" right now and honestly it's a huge downer. I'd rather be at the race watching because it's a lot tougher to hear about all that stuff from the commentators over the motors. That's my biggest takeaway.
I find it absurd they only check a handful of cars for inspection. Apparently only 4 cars were randomly picked for inspection. Shouldn’t they inspect all 20?
The story I read didn't say what caused the disqualification. What rule was broken?

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