2023 United States Grand Prix

I find it absurd they only check a handful of cars for inspection. Apparently only 4 cars were randomly picked for inspection. Shouldn’t they inspect all 20?
There was a report during the Sky broadcast yesterday that data from the aerodynamic oscillation sensors (which were added amidst the whole porpoising deal last season) tipped off the officials to check Leclerc’s and Hamilton’s cars, and took two others for comparison’s sake.
If you watch any Hamilton onboard you can hear the car bottoming every straight. It's a bit amazing they haven't ground the bottom off the tub.

Hopefully Albon can give Max a bad time.
Williams looked good this weekend......right up until it counted.

Williams has been doing this all year. Glory running on low fuel while most teams run their normal programs with engines down.

Their goal is to qualify as good as possible it seems so they spent all their time on quali mode.
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