2024 Daytona 500 Countdown

Everything looks nice in Forza
All awesome pics. The 500 can't get here soon enough. The schedule this year is....interesting. I like that as soon as football ends, NASCAR begins and there is no gap. I still however, feel that NASCAR misses an opportunity to have 500 qualifying on Superbowl Sunday, No one seems to realize that most people are burned out on pre game analysis - especially for the SB since it's the most over analyzed game of the year and most over hyped too. I feel like there would be many super bowl parties that would happily watch qualifying in the early afternoon.

I also find the schedule interesting in that the first 2 races of the season are super-speedway races meaning we will know very little about where teams stand performance-wise until Vegas. The season will start as a disaster for many I am sure as there will be many to get caught up in wrecks in both those races. Chase included I am sure. LOL.

I also like the 2 weeks break in the summer and racing one week longer this year. If they had one more off week and raced one more week at the end it would be great. I mentioned in another thread that I really miss watching races right up until Thanksgiving. I feel NASCAR is missing another opportunity in that this time of year, people in many parts of the country are more likely to watch races now when it's cold and gets dark at 4PM. Another good off week for NASCAR would be like opening week for MLB when people are interested in that.
84 Mike Alexander yelliw LMS.jpg
84 EjRwv37XcAEDEta.jpeg.jpg
84 81982-09-06-mike-alexander-chevrolet-freddie-fryar-chevrolet-camaro-nascar-birmingham-1982-...jpg
84 , 7 1982-09-06-mike-alexander raymond-hut-stricklin-jr-chevrolet-nascar-grand-american-birm...jpg
84 66532.jpg

^ Mike Alexander #84, # 7 Hut Stricklin, # 14 Freddy Fryer

Alexander had a great short track career and got a cup ride in 1988, after Bobby Allison's career endjng injury at Pocono.

He was seriously injured himself at the 1988 Snowball Derby. It left him in a fight for his life. When he returned for the 1989 cup season things were never the same and he was eventually replaced by Dick Trickle.

83 fefeb.jpg
83 e4b4.jpg
83 donnie allison 1970 p4 lead lap.jpg

The Indy car is Donnie Allison's 1970 500 entry.
Donnie was as good as anybody at putting together a great 500 and 600 on the same weekend. I think he was the best for that category.
Taking vacation during that time frame of the 500 and thought about maybe attending. The prices I have found have made me think otherwise. Maybe all that’s left are resale tickets and that’s why they are so high. Or maybe they are high because it’s the Daytona 500. Either way, it’s more than I can afford.
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