58th Rolex 24 at DAYTONA


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Feb 9, 2013



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Rolex 24
4 Hours
“The big thing we’ve focused on is reliability; that was the clear focus over the winter," Tincknell told Motorsport.com. "We did two 30-hour tests [at Aragon and Daytona] and the results were very positive.

"There have been a lot of small changes to try and find reliability, there was no focus on performance. We have by far the best package we’ve ever had in three years, but we need to be reliable for 24 hours in public before people will take us super-seriously.

Tincknell also commented that the 2020 Michelin tyres - which have a "solid chunk" more grip than last year's rubber - could also help Mazda in its quest for Daytona glory.

“There’s a new tyre this year with more peak grip but a little more drop-off," he said. "We also don’t have as many [37 sets instead of 38], so we’ll have to do more double-stinting. But the Mazda is kind on its tyres, so that can be good for us."

And on IMSA.tv, not that NBC TrackPass sub - so still free.
Does this mean Friday's race is on IMSA.tv and the NBC track pass app? I don't have the trackpass so I'm hoping Friday's race is free! It's one of my favorites for the year.
I wonder why no one does these for Cup, esp. as much as their schemes change.
Probably sheer volume of events, too quick of a turnaround to commission them each week and thus too expensive.

Does this mean Friday's race is on IMSA.tv and the NBC track pass app? I don't have the trackpass so I'm hoping Friday's race is free! It's one of my favorites for the year.
Unfortunately Pilot Challenge is behind TrackPass the whole season now. I guess the upside is the IMSA pass is only $20/season or $3/month.

the mystery is solved..:D I thought those pesky hauler drivers were up to something.
The sportsman racers usually park first come first served but the pros are parked by points. Most of the racing series race teams usually have 1 hauler per car but most of the large teams in drag racing have 2 trailers per car that park next to each other with the side doors lined up so they can seal them off and walk from one trailer to the other without going out side and then there is an awning that hangs off of the side of the trailer that the pit area is set up under. Plus they also have a couple of hospitality trailers parked next to them. JFR and DSR have around 25 trailers between the two of them.:)
TrackPass locked and loaded. Dropped Nascar Scanner and moved the racing budget around to make room for it.
Qualifying day finally here! I will have an ear on Radio Lemans to see if I can get
some play by play. If not I will just follow along with live scoring and timing.
Weathertech qual. on IMSATV at 4:05 EST.

Best of all, survived another off season!
#7 Acura team firing up the coffee pot. They will have a long nite ahead of them.
That was a nasty hit for Ricky at the bus stop during qualifying.

Got it back out for two install laps in night practice. Apparently some of that curbing at the Bus Stop is new since the Roar and has given teams fits.

Both Mazdas skipped night practice for scheduled engine changes. Still seems like they're the ones to beat, just hope they can last a full day this time around.
Nothing on CNBC this weekend. All NBC/NBCSN/NBC Sports app. TrackPass exclusive for today’s race.
Welp, Deegan had a nasty tire rub and the left-front decided to take a vacation.

This was right after a pit-stop. They are pushing the car behind the wall.
Very excited to see amount of NBC Sports channel coverage of this event. Should make following it fairly easy. I love waking up around 5 am and watching this in the overnight hours, absolute madness seems to occur then
I remember the days when the NASCAR drivers were more common. It looks like one current and one former NASCAR driver this year (I'll be cheering for them).
Forgive using the lines for parking also:D
I missed this thread. What @Nitro Dude said is correct. The painted marks almost NEVER make sense if you see them without rigs. Once populated, it does make sense.

Somebody should do a timelapse for pro parking. It's a hoot watching the awnings go up and the rigs parking 6" off eachother.
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