All Star Circuit of Champions '23

I turned in after the heats, but it looks like it was fast on the clock not in the race. Started on the pole of the B and faded to 5th getting passed by Kinser for the final transfer spot at the white.
Sweet takes the win, in an Outlaw dominated feature. Looked strong, as did Gravel and Schuhart.
Oh if anyone didn't know why Sides start and parked for Schatz there's this weird reason. Night pilot school apparently.

He tried the bottom a couple of times. Didn’t look too comfortable.
Bowman's fast, now he has to learn how to keep it going. Hell of a lot better than being slow.

...maybe I heard him wrong or it is only a certain level of pilot because how can every pilot in the US use that simulator once a year?
Carson Macedo yer winner tonight at Volusia. Schatz second with the front wing laying back on the hood after early contact. Great racing through the field.

Our man Bowman had a bad night, finishing at the back of the B Main. Looks like the shocks are way off ... bouncing sideways through the turns.
Suckered on the start ... back to 3rd.

On his way back up, takes 2nd spot.
4th with 5 to go ... yellow.

You can see him figuring it out as the race wears on.
Alex Bowman on the B Main pole at East Bay.

Gets a second out of it ... transfer to the A. His starts / restarts need work.
Starting P22 in the Main.

We’ll see how many good cars he can get around. 😇
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