All Star Circuit of Champions '23

Are you guys watching this A-Main tonight? If not, seek out the replay when they post it. Truly incredible racing with too many back and forth changes to count. Few tracks can match Port Royal.
Rico fastest in hot laps. That new crew of his has been bringing the heat.
Fastest in Group B too. I was kinda hoping the Posse guys like Borden would be able to make a show of it with the California guys. Looks like we might get yet another battle among California guys (Abreu, Larson, Kofoid).
Should be a good one with several of the fastest cars coming from outside the first few rows. Marks and Rico probably have the best starting spots among those I would call favorites.

Larson, Macedo, Kofoid, Peck, even Schuchart should be worth keeping an eye on.
Yeah the fast guys are buried a bit, should be good, this narrow track is going it make it interesting.
They put a plug in Larson’s RR.

That’s interesting. Silva is apparently notoriously cheap. 😇
^^ Thanks.

I wasn’t paying attention early. Obviously.
Brown used Randall up a bit there. It is for $62K, he's not going to beat around the bush. Would have preferred to see him leave a lane. Exciting race with a lot of attrition.
I'm not either. The wins are tough to come by, but I'm pretty sure he would have driven through Randall in the next corner if Randall had done that to him.
Randall had a talk with Brown in victory lane and Brown went to flapping his hands and talking class IMO.
I was curious how his record stood up this year compared to past years. Nothing comes close to the magical 2020 year.

Year Races Wins
23 27 10
22 28 7
21 26 11
20 68 32
Wasn't 20 the year he was booted out of Nascar? It seemed he won almost every big race that year.
It was a reign of terror, Larson won almost 50% of the races he entered.
He entered 27 winged sprint shows in 2023 and won 10 of 'em. That ain't a bad record either. The 2020-2021 stretch of his career is absolutely mental though. 10 Cup wins the following year plus a title on top of 11/26 (42% winning average!) in winged sprint cars.
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