Anyone remember this guy?

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by Blaze, Nov 7, 2019 at 5:21 PM.

  1. Blaze

    Blaze Midnight Rider

    So I’m at my grandma’s house and found an shirt of mine from when I was a kid.

    Guess since NASCAR owns ARCA this would be where I put this lmao.

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  2. kkfan91

    kkfan91 Taking a 10-200

    His racing reference page is nothing if not impressive
  3. Blaze

    Blaze Midnight Rider

    I wanna make sure @AndyMarquisLive see's. Seems like something he'd like seeing.
  4. be9ak7ts16

    be9ak7ts16 Johali Lives

    Great T-shirt. display that thing.
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  5. aunty dive

    aunty dive Team Owner

    Burney Lamar was here a couple of days ago.
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  6. Blaze

    Blaze Midnight Rider

    I like that he’s from the same city my Grandpa was born and raised in. I sort of remember being a kid having that shirt. I bought it home with me.
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  7. kkfan91

    kkfan91 Taking a 10-200

    NASCAR winners we've forgotten about I saw Joey Coulter tonight at the WoO world finals running a late model. And in other obscure names Cale Conley is here in a sprint car. I've also seen Jimmy Horton at modified races in the northeast.
  8. DIDIT

    DIDIT Old School Fan

    And Conley's father-in-law Dave Blaney is also here. So is Sammy Swindell who raced in all three NASCAR divisions. Should also mention Brett Hearn, Scott Bloomquist and Tim Mcreadie are here too and all have run NASCAR. Wonder who else I missed?
  9. Larsonfan1995

    Larsonfan1995 Team Owner

    Mike Marlar had a top 5 at Eldora in the truck race
  10. ahhculdee

    ahhculdee Team Owner

    Cale Gale.
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  11. kkfan91

    kkfan91 Taking a 10-200

    Max Mclaughlin in the big blocks, Mike's son and won the K&N Watkins Glen race this year.

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