Attempted Manslauter



i think Jimmy Spencer should be charged with Attempted Manslauter.......this guy either doesnt give a **** for any other driver out there, and could careless whether he hurts anyone or not...or he's just that bad of a driver
oh yea? cause he spun people out on tracks like Indy doing 200mph

i dont think so....he spun people out, but never at tracks like Indy at the speeds they were going.
Oh that's right, I forgot it's all totally different for Dale Earnhardt.
No, you are. :rolleyes:

If you honestly think that DE never punted people like we just saw on Sunday let me say, "Welcome to NASCAR, newbie.".
im not arguing Dale Earnhardt with you

this thread is about Jimmy Spencer

this guy is the only guy in the sport that announces he's going to take someone out and actually does it.

he cant use that excuse that it was a racing accident.....he booted Busch yesterday.....he should pay for that
Paul i said on my previous post Dale never punted anyone at 200mph...unlike Spencer

yes DE DID punt people, but never at those speeds.
Yes he should be punished. I'm not saying he shouldn't. You're the one that's saying that the rules are different for DE.

They weren't going 200mph in turn 3. 200mph was reached on the straightaways.
they were entering that corner...they were doing nearly 200mph

you need to stop putting words in my mouth....i have never said the rules should be dift for DE
No, you said that what DE did was different, it wasn't.

Ask anyone that's been watching NASCAR longer than Jr's career and they'll tell you the same thing.
i said DE never punted anyone at 200mph....he didnt

oh and btw, ive been watching nascar since 1986
So because he never tried to kill anyone at 200mph it's all ok?

Please....get with it...
I agree that people like Jimmy Spencer need to be parked! I also agree that Dale Sr. use too do the same thing all the time but it is like there's an exception for Sr.....both are or was dirty drivers.
I'm a fan of our hometown hero. I think Kurt has a HUGE future in Winston Cup and if the racin deals fall his way that he could easily win the Cup before his days are done.

With that said, my main complaint is that nascar racing ain't enuf like hockey. Leave the boys alone.
Attempted manslaughter, huh? Pretty serious charge. I'm a probation officer and as such spend a lot of time in courts. Maybe you would care to offer the proof of an attempt on another's life. Understanding, I assume, that the law does not apply to professional race drivers. By entering a race, they agree to participate in an activity where the spectre of death is present. One would imagine that even life insurance is difficult if not impossible to obtain in this profession. A criminal charge implies, by definition, criminal intent. I know of no law stating it is illegal to spin a race car. If even one could provide conclusive, irreputable proof that Spencer's actions were intentional.

Taking another line of reason, by filing such a charge, one would be opening a can of worms of Johnny Cochran proportions. Was that pass safe? Did he intentionally get that driver's car loose so he would spin?

As to Dale, he was the dirtiest driver in the history of the sport, and I don't care how much you liked or disliked him, he made a fortune out of knocking people out of races. I never put a radar gun on any of his escapades, but to say he only did it on short tracks or under a certain mph is naive at best, absurdly ridiculous at worst. Guess you don't remember him knocking the snot out of Geoff Bodine at Charlotte? The pass in the grass, when he knocked Bill into Geoff is another example. He spun people at Daytona. He spun people at every track on the circuit at one time or another.

Is Spencer aggressive? Sure. Dirty? Maybe. Name one of the drivers who isn't a competitor at heart. Maybe a few of them have the reputation of never using the chrome horn, but very few.

Take a Valium, calm down, send a nasty email to the Spencer Fan Club, listen to some Pantera, whatever. But opening Pandora's Box is not very wise.
I am probably wrong here but where I would go with this is that Dale Sr. did do alot of what is referred to as dirty racing. That is not a point to argue, to many times it happened and he knew he was doing it. But now Nascar seems to have changed the rules on what is allowed when it comes to this kind of bump. Jimmy nor Kurt are drivers I follow but I think what Jimmy did yesterday was wrong under the new Nascar rules. Okay maybe not rules per say but so far this year they have fined and suspended a driver for doing the exact same thing that was done yesterday. So under that reasoning I think Jimmy should be punished. I personally don't like Jimmy Spencer he is the only driver I do dislike but that is not the only reason I feel the way I do. I am just going on what Nascar has done this year so far. What is fair for one is fair for all. JMO..
Dale SR.Did kill someone at 200 mph.Himself.I heard Benny say yesterday Dale Sr. was put back more laps than anyone else over the years for rough driving.One time he was put back 7 laps for it.
What Spencer did to Busch at Indy was very similar to what Busch did to Gordon at the Winston. Were either incidents right? No way, but what goes around comes around. Kurt has punted enough people in his year and a half in Cup. We also know he's keeping score (see his post-Bristol comments), so this isn't over. I'm glad he's not hurt, but you get what you give.
She how people act when they talk crap about another driver but when crap is talked about theirs its differnt
There's only one way to look at this really. After reading the replies here that big old thought comes to mind, NASCAR's inconsistencies. Pbunch is correct, DE did receive some penalties through the years. You hear a lot of fans saying now that DE has passed away NASCAR is cracking down on rules. This has been going on for years folks. Drivers have been going at each other since the beginning. What NASCAR is trying to do is "pretty up" the image of it's sport. That's why all the big to do about Harvick was about. We can't have drivers jumping over cars to verbally attack another driver can we? Just like yesterday, NASCAR summoned Busch to the big trailer for what, pointing at Spencer's car or was it when Busch smacked his behind and motioned at Spencer. These types of emotions can't be seen by fans or the national viewing audience. I mean how many of you covered your faces with disgust on seeing that showing of emotions?:eek:

I feel that with NASCAR's inconsistencies, which aren't nothing new, is what keeps the pot boiling. Especially between fans. We will see things differently than NASCAR when it comes to a race incident. Some see it as NASCAR turning their heads as not to see and others see it as NASCAR coming down on the same drivers all the time and letting others "get away" with it. As far as the incident yesterday, that was definitely one of those times that depending on how you view racing is how you call it. I really don't see why the speed of the cars is a big issue here. It would be like calling things in the way that NASCAR does. You know how NASCAR will say well it was because of this etc... Speed shouldn't be a factor if you are regarding spinning out another car on purpose. It's a spin regardless of speed. It's all in the way you view racing. Some say that the spin was more critical because of the speed, others views would probably be that an intentional spin is a spin regardless of speed. But was the spin intentional or did Busch gain back his line cutting in too close in front of Spencer? It's all in the way you view racing.
Het DEIFAN remember Dale putting Terry Labonte into the wall 3 years ago???????????????

And a quote by Jimmy Spencer after that same race when asked what he saw happen" that racing, hell I'd put my own mother in the wall to win a race"

Now theres a classy guy.
what jimmy did waas dirty..................but that's racing..............SR. did it and was criticized, as so is Jimmy.............i don't agree with it but, it will always happen................tempers flare when it is 150 mph inside the car................
Drivers who don't drive clean can look to get booted every once in awhile. Kurt doesn't drive clean all the time and he got the same treatment he gave Jimmy at Bristol. If a driver is going to knock another driver out of the way, He better look forward to get put in the wall himself.
Being an Earnhardt fan in a fog (according to some people) I find it kinda cool that people are still talking about him, good or bad, Dale had a big impact on this sport like it or not. Bump and run ain't new, just the penalties are getting a little stiffer.
Didn't this all start between Kurt and Jimmy last season out west. I can't remember what track, I think Las Vegas, but Jimmy punted him just like last Sunday. I won't even get into the Big E subject. Just know that watching the next few weeks should be interesting!
This type of behavior far pre-dated DE SR. and even "Cup".

Bump and run is just racing on dirt, sprints, outlaws, midgets, etc.

BUT actions predicted or threatened then carried out need to be punished by NASCAR, not the fans or the law.
It was pheonix.

I still think that once a year nascar should hold a figure eight or a demo derby......make it a points race too. Let the boys be boys and they will grow to be men. A man convinced against his will is a man unconvinced still.

Burn the big red trailer!!!!!!!!!
Now that would be site I would pay double the money to see! The drivers could get some frustration out, wonder who would win?
I like Kurt.Really don't have that much of a problem with Jimmy either.In my opinion this could be a really fun rivalry-if Jimmy could drive worth a damn that is!The contrast between the two could really make it a classic:Ford vs.Dodge,Fat vs. Skinny,Big ears vs.Big mouth,etc...At any rate I think Nascar should let 'em handle it in their on way providing they don't take out innocent racers in the process.One thing these guys are going to learn about Kurt Busch:He is going to give as good as he gets.

[Remember how Jr.was unable to make Kurt flinch while attempting to 'intimidate' him last year?This kid ain't scared.]
Jimmy Spencer wrecked Kurt Busch. Thats racing? Yes. Manslaughter? No way.
If what Jimmy did is Manslaughter, then I guess it happens in nearly every sport. In Hockey, There are fights, concussions, and huge cuts. Baseball has had some bad things happen, but not as bad as Hockey. Football, Man Manslaughter could be seen in every game. In sports, There is no such thing as Manslaughter.
I might add, you do not need to be going 200mph to die in a racecar.
With that said, my main complaint is that nascar racing ain't enuf like hockey. Leave the boys alone.

AMEN! Then we could have one enforcer on each team :) I'll take Spencer to protect Tonny and Bobby LOL :)

But seriously its a good analogy. Let them take care of it themselves.
Wally Dallenbach seems to think Spencer needs to be suspended for his behavior in the Brickyard:

Spencer’s bullish style must stop
Driver deserves stiff penalty for wrecking Busch at Indy
by Wally Dallenbach

Aug. 5 — There’s no question in my mind that Jimmy Spencer intentionally spun Kurt Busch in Turn 3 of Sunday’s Brickyard 400. The two have had an on-going feud since last year at Phoenix and this was just the latest episode in their soap opera. However, while drivers have been settling scores between themselves for the last 50 years, going 200 mph at Indianapolis was neither the time nor the place for Spencer to even the slate. And I think NASCAR missed the boat by not penalizing him right on the spot.


Busch’s car was strong enough to have given eventual winner Bill Elliott a run for his money. Instead, he ends up getting parked by a driver and a car that finished 31st.

Had Elliott done to Busch what Spencer did, I honestly could have believed it was an accident, because Elliott doesn’t race that way. But a guy like Spencer, who carries the nickname “Mr. Excitement” for his aggressive driving style, has a long history of pulling stuff like this, and not just with Busch. So when there’s a definite pattern, then it’s not accidental. And with Spencer, it’s too much of a coincidence for NASCAR not to see that.


Last October in Phoenix, Busch claimed Spencer intentionally bumped him. At Bristol earlier this season, Spencer moved Busch out of the way to grab the lead with 56 laps remaining, only to have Busch nudge Spencer on the next lap to win his first Winston Cup race.

That evened the score and the two should have moved on.

But Spencer, whose second at Bristol denied him his first victory in eight years, vowed that he wouldn’t forget. Now he’s taken it to a higher-profiled race on a very fast racetrack. Those are two reasons it shouldn’t have been done. And I’m not buying Spencer’s excuse that Busch slowed down and caused Sunday’s accident. Spencer should be reminded that there happens to be a left pedal in his race car. It’s called a brake.

Afterward, Busch probably fanned the feud’s flames by referring to Spencer as a “decrepit old has-been.” But that still was not a threat to anyone’s well-being. What Spencer did on the racetrack was, and that’s the big difference. In this case, the actions far outweigh the words and that’s what NASCAR must keep in mind when it meets with Busch, Spencer and their respective car owners — Jack Roush and Chip Ganassi — on Friday at Watkins Glen.


Drivers should get the beatin’ and bangin’ out of the way at the short tracks. It’s one thing turning a guy at Martinsville or Bristol going 90 or 100 mph; it’s a totally different thing when you do it at Indy running 200 mph.

There have always been feuds between drivers, from classics like Richard Petty-Bobby Allison to Dale Earnhardt-Geoff Bodine. But the problem today is that cars are carrying a lot more speed and consequently hitting walls a lot faster than they were 10 or 15 years ago. We’re getting into a very dangerous area when it comes to intentionally taking out another car on the racetrack. Somebody is going to get killed and then it’s really going to change our sport. And the last thing this sport needs is to be changed by a guy with an acknowledged past of making stupid moves on the racetrack.


The only way it’s going to stop is for NASCAR to take action. At Martinsville earlier this year, the overly-aggressive Kevin Harvick recklessly got into Coy Gibbs in the truck series race and NASCAR parked Harvick for that weekend’s Winston Cup event. The move was immediate, decisive and forced Harvick to think twice the next time.

Make a driver watch a race on TV and I’ll guarantee there will be an adjustment in his attitude. Fining them or taking away points are minor deterrents. Does a guy like Spencer, who’s 24th in the standings and earns a couple million dollars a year, really care if he loses some points or gets hit with a fine? If NASCAR, however, sits him down for a weekend, that not only gets his attention, it gets his sponsor’s attention as well.
I think I have to agree with Wally. Kurt is not the first driver to reap the anger of Jimmy Spencer in this sort of situation. Spencer does not care who he "punts" out of his way to get ahead. Like he said at Bristol, "I'd put my own Mother in the wall to win a race". I think something needs to be done off the track before something very serious happens on the track. This is JMHO.
I agree with Wally 100%.

Wally was pretty pissed off in the booth at the time too.
I don't agree that Spencer should be suspended. I do agree that these little installments should be done at shorter tracks.
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