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Anyone here agree or disagree with Wally's opinion?

Been reading this thread now for two days and hasn't weighed in for one big reason.......The anger everyone has about the whole incident. Wally's comments, especially right after the wreck where comments that, as a broadcaster, should never have been stated. It was very unproffessional on his part. He should have kept his opinions (and that is all they are) to himself until after NASCAR had their little sit down with both drivers. It was an incident that did not need opinions (stated as facts) offered at the time they were offered. I saw the bump........I also Busch pull down on Spencer immediately after passing him knowing that Spencer was having a run back under him. Looked to me like Kurt was "taunting" Jimmy after a pass......something he should have known not to try unless he had the speed to leave Jimmy in the dust. Obviously he did not.......or, it could be that he did in deed slow as Jimmy said. If anyone taped it without Wally's opinions.
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