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    Announcing new deal with Hodaka for $50,000,000.00 for 5 year development on 3/29/19. You read it here first. Stamp it! Or just watch on instagram @therealjs7.
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    I am a huge JS7 fan. Rode with him thru the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I've heard the come back bs enough. I firmly believe the IG post is just a damned commercial for the brand.
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    I hope you're wrong, but I think you're right.
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    That date should be 4/1/19, April Fools Day. Hodaka??? LOL.

    I'd be more inclined to believe Carl Edwards returning to Nascar with a Studebaker factory team.
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    Hodaka is back ? I remember the " super rat " well, my G-31-m kawasaki tore them a new ass with great regularity
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    My buddy rode a 76 YZ125. Guy on Super Rat would pas him on big uphill. Said need more over-rev as when I shift to 6th it takes a few bike lengths to really get back up on the pipe. Wanted to be able to hold 5th gear to the turn at top. So I when crazy on a spare cylinder we had and ported the crap out of it. Told him we are probably going to lose bottom but it should scream on top. I raised the transfer ports which I had never done before. Oddly enough this was my best porting job EVER. It GAINED bottom/mid/top-end. Not supposed to happen that way. He nearly looped the bike first trip up the power hill in 6th. SMOKED the Hodaka. It DID have a fairly brutal hit at mid-range but you just made sure you were well forward and hammered it. That was 40 some years ago. Fun times.
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    Once in a great while, the uneducated port job would yield some amazing results :lol2: I had an F-81-M Kawasaki race bike as well as the 100, the rotary valve layout gave it amazing power, I outran 3 or 4 Maico 501s with it.
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    I did a bunch of port jobs with really rudimentary tooling. Didn't have an angle grinder that allowed for consistent reliable access to transfers. I spent most on my attention on lower transfer entrance, boost porting intake and having head machined. But on this one raised exhaust port and transfers couple MM. It worked awesome. Those old bikes weighed right at or just under 200lbs. Like riding a bike with 25-30 HP. Made you feel like a hero. I wasn't much of a rider though.
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