Chili Bowl Nationals 2022

I’m probably in the minority but I do not understand having a flagger out on the track like that. A lighting system or normal on top of the fence system seems better
Are there driver intros or something they could air? It’s been an hour and MAVTV’s broadcast has killed the high I had.

The best thing they have in a spot like this is the trackside driver interviews. Some good characters in the field. It's tough time to fill though.
If history is an indication, it's probably 75 minutes minimum until the A goes green. They'll dig up the track and roll it back in, and it'll start heavy with the hope that it'll be perfect for the last 30 laps.

I wasn't kidding guys. It's now been 75 minutes. Hopefully they made it worth it.
For a race of this stature, it's painfully low. $10,000 to win, less than $1,000 to start. The teams do well with merch sales and some sponsor stuff though.

Not surprised, Midget Racing in general has low purses. Should pay $25,000 or more though to the winner
The only thing I learned so far is I'm an idiot because I thought Steve and Tim Buckwalter were brothers...when in fact they are cousins.
Wow both Thorson and Bell barely got by that, Thorson some contact
I remember thinking last year's feature was a bit underwhelming. This one has me champing at the bit for next year. Rico was right in his interview, the competition is tighter at the top. Bell / Larson have been dethroned after five years of total domination, and will come back hungrier than ever.
Good stuff. I shut everything down until this AM and watched Flo. Looks like I dodged a bullet not having to put up with Mav nonsense. How bout that Kaylee Bryson, and Tanner Thorson putting an end to the Bell/Larson dominance. :punkrocke
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