Christmas 2023 (AKA Martinsville Late Model Stock race)

Updated NHC forecast brings landfall literally right on top of me. Significant shift west, which is not good for Martinsville on Saturday.
WOW, This just looks bad for this division. All of these heat races are just to sell more tires. They don't give a damn about these teams and the expense.
Five star should be the title sponsor of this race because it probably makes them more money than every other race combined.
Finally time to go racing.

$32,000 to win is pure ship.

The feature will probably be cleaner. Just too many inexperienced kids in those heat races where the talent-to-money ratio is tilted all the way to the money side.

Doesn't help that many of these kids now go from Bandoleros right to Late Models.
Sharing this because I'm going to share my new policy:

Whenever anyone in the media criticizes Jacklyn Drake, I'm fighting. She's VERY good at her job.
Trevor Ward's fender flapping after that contact with Kvapil. And aerodynamics are a big deal at Martinsville in these cars, especially with the ****box Gen-6 body.

I love how he’s calling for Lynn Carroll to be fired but somehow does it in the most respectful possible way.

Hall shouldn't have even been in the race. He caused that wreck in the heat, Tate made a great move to get under him and Hall just came down to block and crashed a lot of cars
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