Circuit of the Americas Pre-Race Thread

Willie B up on the pole for the big show.

Toyotas much improved, and Reddick has something he can race. LFG.
1 in the top 10 is much improved..uh ok. They will race well..that's it.
You are forgetting how terrible WE were last year on road courses. I'm sure you posted something about it. Do a search.

"You can't drive a slow car fast."--Kevin Harvick. Reddick P2. Go Amirola! P39.
He's 31 and Ricky's older. I think if either of them was interested in stock cars, they'd have started looking for rides years ago.
Jordan was looking at Cup/ARCA opportunities for the Daytona RC in 2020 but that would’ve been a special occasion and a home race, and it was dependent on funding so it never came to fruition. Don’t think he’s looking to jump full-time at all but it’d be cool if he got more one-off NASCAR opportunities now.
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