Congratulations, Brittany Force

Congratulations to Brittany. I was pulling for her to win once my fav Antron Brown faltered. And congrats to Robert Hight for the Funny Car championship. Quite a year for John Force Racing.

Also really happy for Eddie Krawiec for his Pro Stock Motorcycle title.
All you have to do is look at the emotions of John Force kneeling on the starting line in tears, or Laurie Force chocking up in her starting line interview, or the heart felt finish line interview with Brittany Force, or the excitement from Allan Johnson and his crew, and even the disappointment of Steve Torrance who lost by such a small margin, to see that an NHRA Championship still means so much to these teams and so much to the majority of fans even though some fans thinks it doesn't. Also all you have to do is look at all of the excitement from the women in the stands when Brittany won the championship to see that competitive women race car drivers are really admired and needed in this sport. My hats off to Brittany Force and JFR for a well deserved TF Championship.
Damn, I really want to see Courtney Force get a title to add to the Force family total badly. :D
It looks like Brit will have a new wrap for her dragster at the Charlotte race this weekend.
When the owner of Flav-R-Pack passed away, that took away a bunch of their funding.

As @Nitro Dude can alude, there is a big difference between a big team like Force - Who has multiple full time employees scouring for sponsorship money but a high asking price - versus a small team like Jim Dunn who uses a bunch of small sponsors to get though the year.

I bet Force would have better luck to find funding if he took Dunn's approach (what companies wouldn't want to be on Force's car), but I don't think he wants to show weakness in that way. Kinda like how NASCAR has progressed from having full time majors to piecemealing 4-6 rotating full-times. The price of racing has gone up, the advertising/tax write-offs have gone down, so it's hard for one single company to carry a whole racing team.
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