Country music has become a parody of itself

I like older country music. My parents always played the Statler Brothers and John Denver. I do like them. Patsy Cline too.
Yeah, there some good ones on like tiktok and YouTube. I don’t know if I’d agree the quantity is higher than ever before, but there is good ones out there. Just gotta find it.
Yep, I grew up listening to what I consider was some of the best grass roots country music. I still enjoy listening to some of the newer country music, but I don't enjoy near as many of the newer songs as I did back when I was growing up. But I don't complain about it I just don't listen to near as much country music these days. I probably listen to more talk radio than anything. But that is the way life works, things change from generation to generation, and it will be that way until the end of time. People from a generation older than me probably didn't like the music I grew up listening to and the generation now probably won't enjoy the new music as much a few generations on down the road.
Charley Pride was the man. :D
Has country really gotten this bad? That should be labeled as a parody of a lot of the new so-called, "country."
Agree, but listen to Rhiannon Giddens play the banjo on the Beyonce album. Giddens is probably the absolute best unrecognized artist.

I really love the way Patty hums out the fiddle parts on the song.
If this song doesn't move you, I don't if anything can save you
Kacey Musgraves will be on Saturday Night Live this week.
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