Cup Championship RACE thread

Gonna be weird not seeing Harvick out there. He’s been a cup driver since I was 15 years old, I think he’s the last full timer that competed for the Winston Cup.
Another demonstration of why the anthem should be limited to service members, marching bands, and the kids' choir; and be off-limits to 'National Recording Artists'.

National anthem should be limited to... Whoever can sing a good anthem lol

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As someone who was born in the 70’s, gonna be sad to no longer see any Cup drivers born in the 70’s after today.
That was a crashfest. But I was referring to Cup.

I'm 100% sure the Championship Four get certain allowances through inspection, even if it's unofficially. There's no way NASCAR would disqualify someone after they've done the championship ceremonies.

There's also the fact that everyone seems to race the Championship Four with kid gloves.
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