Cup RACE thread --- 500 at Daytona

Another driver who won't anything else wins the Daytona 500.

Great race, terrible finish. And this hack is locked into the playoffs.

Both my guys get wrecked out. What a ****** end to a good race.

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The plate racing negativity is ridiculous. Ricky is a two time Xfinity champion and has won multiple plate races. He’s not Cody Ware.

Sorry but this "last flag ends the race" rule is BS and needs to change. If there's a wreck on the last lap they either race back to the finish line or they do another Green-White-Checkers. I don't care if they have to try it 15 times. Such an anti-climatic finish and if it isn't changed this is exactly how every Daytona 500 race is going to finish going forward. Heck it's how they finish for the most part anyway at this point.
We just watched a multiple time Xfinity champion is subpar equipment win….

….so five minutes ago?
Are you ****ting me dude? A real contender? When has Stenhouse been anything other than mediocre in the cup series, outside of the 3 times he's managed to not tear up a decent car?

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A lot of the race was perfectly fine. Can’t stand the constant barrage of crashes at the end of each one of these, followed by the controversial button push to decide the winner. Like holding at the end of a Super Bowl…
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