Cup RACE thread --- 500 at Daytona

I disagree about zero skill too. I do think it takes a different set of skills than Darlington or Bristol or Sonoma. I also think it doesn't take as much of those skills as what's required at those other tracks. Luck plays a more significant factor at plate tracks than elsewhere.

I enjoy seeing an underdog win because the team out did the bigger guns that week. Regan Smith at Darlington leaps to mind, or Dinger at Indy. As a fan, I don't see much excitement in them winning when half the field is taken out.
You’re desperate to be smooth and error-free.

Try relaxing your hands, arms, neck and shoulders at 195 mph in heavy traffic so you can be that guy. Skillz ... LOL ...
It’s certainly a unique skill set and there are enough repeat winners/contenders to show that’s the case. The endings leave a sour taste though. When you’re much more at mercy of the rest of the field than anywhere else and races keep ending with endless crashing and finishes under caution it just isn’t fun. Prior to about lap 199 it was.
You all either misinterpreted the message (intentionally or not), or my message was not clear (and my sarcasm is lost on people quite often). I'M not saying zero skills. I'm saying fans of the 3 (and many, many, many more who don't like the winner if it's not their guy) will say it took zero skills to win a RP race when someone else does it. When THEIR guy wins, it's a monumental achievement.

Not just fans. Look at KBs interview. If he had won that thing I'm sure his message wouldn't have been it was all luck and we won the lottery. But since he wrecked out, he asked who the lucky car was or something to that effect.
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