Cup RACE thread --- COTA

Kyle gave him a lot of room there. Definitely would’ve been different if he didn’t have a win already this season
Congrats to Reddick for einning it about 3 or 4 times before they counted it.

What an disgraceful effing shidshow finish.
Can't justify ever watching this event again, honestly. Just excruciating. I guess some people are into this, enjoy.
A+ drive from the "B+ driver"
hope fox brings back kurt to call more races this year. I thot he did a good job.
also alex bowman is a DF. flat out dumped the 99
At some point everyone would dump someone for a win.
I don’t think Kyle could get up near Reddick.
The 8 hasn’t been great today, the driver has kept them in the top 10.

Kyle got run over by the blind man in the 24 on the restart.
Man. So you would’ve been okay with Kyle running over Reddick, but Byron is blind for running over Kyle?
The overtime rule is especially bad a road courses, they got rid of stage breaks, they should get rid of overtime at road courses. I like it on ovals.
Don’t change the subject. You 100% was setting up to be okay with Kyle DUMPING someone. You yourself said it would be okay. Keep the same energy.!
I never said Kyle was gonna dump anyone. And he didn’t.
He did get run over by a knucklehead, though. Glad he survived for a 2 spot.
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