Cup RACE thread --- Roval

Jesus the fire team casually getting over there. Fire totallly consumed the inside of that car
They just put a set of tires on for Chastain with right side walls that are 22 ply. No bullet or track wall will ever penetrate them.
Be on the look out after the white flag is displayed....
Wow I hate that. He can't see anything and will be totally comprised physically within seconds and the rescue team is NO WHERE to be seen.
Dang! No hurry even getting out of the car. Must have looked a lot worse than it actually was. Glad he seems to be fine.
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Ricky didn’t seem too concerned, more likely curious as to why that happened
Black and white rules on course limits. The yellow line rule should be the same way to be honest.
See rules like this can screw people and I don’t think that’s right. You force someone out who you’re racing for a win, and can get away with it, or you get spun, losing positions, and still are suppose to stop? Dumb. Kinda like the pushing rule. The person getting pushed could get screwed when they don’t wanna get pushed, but the person behind them doesn’t get off their bumper. Dumb.
8 car is taking the lead on restart and is winning this race.

Because that's the freaking 5's season.

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