Deadline on charter system extension nearing

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    Looking at points, there's gaps larger than a race (using that to mark field breaks in quality) between:

    2nd (Penske #22) and 3rd (Stewart Haas #4),
    6th (Penske #2) and 7th (Ganassi #1),
    21st (JTG Daugherty #37) and 22nd (Childress #3),
    22nd and 23rd (Leavine #95),
    25th (Childress #8) and 26th (Front Row #34),
    31st (Front Row #36) and 32nd (Premium #15)

    Race gaps further back in the field mean more than higher up in the field, because cars as you go back don't score as many points, so at midfield a race gap at the front becomes more like a 2-race gap.

    Comparing 21st in points to 26th in points, it's 413 to 287, a 176 point gap. So 21st is averaging about 21 points a race and 26th is averaging about 13. That is a monstrous gap in quality around what would largely be considered the back half of midfield. 26th on back is your 3 Front Row cars, Bubba, Preece, LaJoie, Chastain, and all your tail enders.
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    Just to clarify, these are owner points, not driver, right?
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    Yeah. Since owners always score points and drivers either don't due to running Xfinity full time or can get substituted for another driver, you have to compare owners to have like for like.
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    Yep two different things. Backmarkers are weighing the differences of pitting and the cost of tires for gaining a couple of positions to get to a higher tier of purse money, sometimes it doesn't matter or staying out on older tires, taking the points and less expenses for the same amount of purse. There are tiers of purse money at the lower end of the finishing order, it isn't gradual.
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    Looks like they are close to an agreement, but lets continue to **** new, charterless teams over:

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