Dillon Vs Larson

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Who will have a better career...Austin Dillon or Kyle Larson?

  1. Austin Dillon

    8 vote(s)
  2. Kyle Larson

    45 vote(s)
  1. It's hard to believe that Dillon takes heat because of Earnhardt Sr. Such is life.
  2. lady6nascar

    lady6nascar Guest

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  3. Glad to see you made it here.:pbjtime:
    from Pete
  4. sdj

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    Larson is by far the better driver of the two, hands down, week in week out. I mean if you disagree, you sure must have watched a bunch of different races than I did this season. I remember in an interview this season where he was asked if he was nervous about an upcoming race, he calmly said, I don't get nervous when I race.

    On another note, I think the Cup guys will race more in the Busch series next year because of the horsepower reduction in the Busch cars may more represent the Sunday race, maybe, maybe not but it's a possibility. ( I know I know it ain't the Busch series anymore, well tough sh*t, I am tired of all the name changes and everyone knows what series I am talking about)
  5. Phillywis

    Phillywis Guest

    hard to say, Dillon has two championships to his credit while Larson has none. Dillon has won more races than Larson has. but I think Larson has better chance of having better career than Dillon. he could win his first race in 2015.
  6. Hischild

    Hischild Guest

    Wow, hard to say. I think they both have a bright future in NSACAR. If I have to give an edge to one or the other it would be Dillon simply based on the guaranteed support he will receive. But I really like to watch Larson race. That young man is a "wheel man."
  7. I think the future is great for both of them and also for the future of the sport. From the little I've seen since I've been watching Nascar regularly I have grown to really enjoy the racing of Austin Dillon so I think I will have to give him the edge here.
  8. Hazy Haven

    Hazy Haven Guest

    The past two races have really showcased some of the stuff that Kyle Larson is going to show us fans for many years. I also think Austin Dillon will have a few of those tricks up his sleeve in the future. Both are great drivers. I think Kyle Larson is going to break through with a win first before Austin Dillon.
  9. Michfan

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    Some good points in here... And some not so good points
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  10. SeventyGTX

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    ......and he did.
  11. Freaky Fast

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    Both will have good futures. I just see a higher ceiling for Kyle Larson.
  12. Cholo

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    Comparing Austin Dillon to Kyle Larson is like comparing David Ragan to Kyle Busch.
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  13. frow78

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    Oh, boy.
  14. Johali

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    I guess I should have used the :sarcasm: emoticon for certain posters. :idunno:

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