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Discussion in 'Sports Car Racing' started by Formerjackman, Dec 7, 2018.

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    If you haven't seen it, poke around the net and find an episode of the Netflix series Dirty Money titled "Payday". It tells the saga of the Scott Tucker and his fall from "grace" as it were. I always thought Tucker was a douche bag before I had any inkling he was a felon, and despite his performance of a lifetime for the cameras, my opinion of him now is even worse. It's a fairly well done piece, and the highlight is the crew that shows up to repo the race cars he kept in the basement of his house while he peddles away on an exercise bike, refusing to even look out the windows at the spectacle of them dragging $200,000 race cars through his landscaping with a four wheeler. The full version runs just short of an hour. I was able to find it for free on the internet fairly easily.
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    The Scott Tucker story is fascinating. Dinner With Racers had a great episode on him.
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    I thought Tucker came off as a big douche in those episodes. Seemed to really play off and skirt around the whole fraud thing. Not that I expected Ryan and Sean to go after him with hard-hitting questions but you can tell Scott thinks he did nothing wrong and should have gotten away with it all.

    I haven't seen the Netflix episode yet but I plan to at some point.
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    You get the same vibe watching the Netflix doc. Still a very good watch.
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