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  1. Good Morning/Afternoon one and all. Not much on the docket today other than dropping off a bird to be deep fried and I don't mean Mark Sanchez. Even though the weather is overcast and gloomy "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day" as there should be some good NFL games this afternoon.
  2. NFL ?? You been living in America to long. :)
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  3. Dominick

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    I watched the Browns to watch how Manzel was going to do.
    My thoughts Cleveland got another bummer.
    Then my Packers won:)
  4. Dominick

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    How,s the plowing going?
    Any more flat tires?
    Talked to Rosie today she just got back from a trip to see her cousin in Florida.
  5. No more flat tires, I don't get close with any sharp objects. :)

    Glad to hear she is fine. She must be enjoying retirement although it wasn't what she expected.
  6. I watched Johnny Football and he has a way to go. Then I switched to the Chiefs and Steelers. I did OK in ESPN Pigskin Pick Em group too.
  7. I used to watch the NFL and NCAAF when I lived back home too. I love the athleticism and the fact that any team can beat any other team.
  8. Dominick

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    She sounded more relaxed but I know she is still adjusting
  9. Dominick

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    Big Ben has got his act together this year
  10. 12/22/2014

    [​IMG] I think it is going to be one of those days.
  11. Dominick

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    I think so also
    My darn back is killing me:(
  12. He does indeed. It is a great shame a team from the NFC south has to have a team in the playoffs this year.
  13. Good morning Dom.

  14. Good morning Folks.

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