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Hmmmm Just now saw this news about Formula E coming to Portland. Haven't heard a peep about it here. Of course I'm not on Facebook or any of those things but still....
I just can't get into this racing even though I've tried several times over the years watching on tv.
Team principal silly season has been more dramatic than driver silly season.

Vasseur leaves Sauber for Ferrari, Andreas Seidl leaves McLaren for Sauber, McLaren promotes Andrea Stella, and Jost Capito has left Williams.

Makes sense, but the OEM is out of left field:

I gotta admit I had bigger hopes for a Ford return than this:

Instead, Ford has no interest in formal ownership of the operation and is believed to be happy to leave Red Bull in charge of technical development of the power unit, although there would be the possibility for it to offer assistance in any areas of expertise it has.

Instead, its involvement would be more about marketing and brand presence – with it benefiting from an involvement in F1 and Red Bull gaining from the added kudos of a tie-up with a global player like Ford.

Basically a rebadging exercise, minimal technical involvement and just hopping on the Red Bull bandwagon. It’s a cheap and risk-averse way to win so a board would sign off on it but I wish someone else would come along and go the Audi route with Williams or Haas. The rumor of Honda becoming an AlphaTauri works partner or even owner is pretty interesting.
No matter how Ford gets in, it would be a good thing.

I'm disappointed they won't be kicking Ferrari's ass in WEC.
Pretty weak effort on Ford's behalf.
Come to think of it, IndyCar should allow sticker engine sales as well, then we could have: Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota etc etc :D
I'm disappointed they won't be kicking Ferrari's ass in WEC.
I wouldn’t entirely rule this out yet. I wouldn’t get my hopes all the way up either, but it sounds a lot less of a non-starter than it was a year ago.

It would be kind of cool seeing KIA lay waste to Ferrari with a "sticker" engine :p
The rumors since Porsche dipped out have centered on Ford and Hyundai joining in some capacity so you may not be far off.
And if not we'll launch LIV F1
I just realized I crossed up different people in my head....I thought that was the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud
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