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    Anyone have the details on what happened with his seat during the fatal crash in 1989? I know it was improperly mounted and they changed some rules the next year but I'd like to hear any details from anyone that might have been around back then. I recently watched that Atlanta race again and I was really surprised at how long it took to get him out of the car. I know it was common back then for it to take a lot of time (I remember Bill being in one for a long time waiting for the jaws of life). I'd honestly forgotten how drivers were dropping like flies back in those days.

    It's amazing to me how much motorsports have changed in my life when it comes to driver safety and how things are handled on track. I remember growing up it was really common to see fatal crashes multiple times a year and safety crews taking forever to assist a driver in need. As much as I miss things like racing back to the yellow and no speed limits on pit road I can totally understand why they don't do it anymore. It's a wonder they got away with that for as many years as they did.
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    Interesting question....

    I've been fascinated by the Adcox and McDuffie accidents since they happened since there's been a lot of secrecy to this day about them. Adcox's wreck definitely led to changes regarding how seats were made and installed iirc. The McDuffie wreck resulted in the "bus stop" being added. Some believe the McDuffie might have been impaled, some believe the roof bar failed and he crushed, while others believe it was a basilar skull fracture.
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    I want to hear from Richard Childress if they made any car changes after Dale Sr death. Rusty Wallace said his team went home and cut some bars out of his cars front structure before next race. Would like to know if RC found some things that were obviously not as safe as they could be.

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