Haas Has Failed!---Not sure where to put this-Mods move it where it goes.

Probably goes in Drag Racing section. But might interest NASCAR fans to know Haas doesn't care about their customers. At least don't care about guy that bought 1 REALLY expensive machine.
this is been going on with tom bailey for a long time.they cant fix it.and sounds like they really dont care,not good.
I wonder if he has talked to any lawyers about this yet. If everything he is saying is spot on and he has all of the documentation, then I would think he would have a pretty good case.
The only thing that is interesting is. He is still making payments for a machine he has not turned a part on yet for almost 2 years. If he is being totally honest, He is being way to nice at this point. There is know way they get a dime till it turns parts out as I specified when the unit was ordered and put into service, plus, I would demand that the warranty start the day the machine works properly.

The still making payments thing just does not make any sense at all.
To update the class...his plan was to machine aluminum engine cylinder blocks. The problem with machining anything is repeatability. If you have to remove the part and do some machining on the part in another CNC, then put the part back in the original machine to finish it, getting it set-up in that machine in exactly same spot is about impossible. A 3 axis can do 3 things without changing the parts position/set-up. They created a 5 axis machine. It doesn't work.

Now he seems to feel he's stuck with THIS machine, so has a guy familiar with Haas machines that will do 3 axis, then remove block and do X work to finish it. Tom doesn't have the technical skills to do it. That's the whole purpose of this machine. Put chunk of aluminum in, push button & X hours latter remove essentially finished part.
Somewhere during the first machining process he needs add a hole for a construction ball. Then when he puts the part back in, he indicates in the ball. That should tell him exactly where he is dimensionally from starting point in program. Then just backpedal on X Y Z to get to back starting point.
Where threads go to die. Should at least be in drag racing. That's what the Haas was for. Machining engine blocks for drag racing. But thread has probably run it's course anyway.
To update...he has heard NOTHING back from Haas. They just don't care. He bought ONE machine. I'd bet they only care about customers that order 10-20-30 machines at a time.
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