HUGE Crash in Macau.

Discussion in 'Open Wheel Racing' started by KTMLew01, Nov 18, 2018.

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    Saw this this morning. Amazing that the driver and apparently all marshals/cameramen will survive. Nucking futs accident.
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  3. DUN24

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    A couple angles:

    Insane. Glad it wasn't worse. FIA should really rethink where they position marshals and photographers.
  4. DUN24

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    Another terrifying angle. One of the scarier crashes of the last decade. Thank God it was not worse..

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  5. sdj

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    HOLY sh!t! :eek: Thoughts out for all involved.

    Damn thing looked like it was shot out of a cannon.
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    Guess when you remove the wheels it IS a missle. They are ground based airplanes.
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  7. There are no words.
  8. kkfan91

    kkfan91 Taking a 10-200

    Jesus Christ!

    That was insane. I'm glad everyone survived.
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    IMO, the structure she hit outside the fence likely saved her life. There is a view from behind that structure that shows it moved a good 3 feet. So it worked as a sort of SAFER barrier. She actually hit that structure head first but fortunately the cockpit aligned with an opening. As bad as it was it should have been MUCH worse.

    OK. I see the video is above. Am I seeing a person in the structure right where she impacted? Was surprised the guy at right at top of stairs doesn't appear to react at all.
  10. DUN24

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    Yep. It was a direct hit. You can see it in the view from behind the structure. The word is, all spectators involved only had minor injuries.

    You're right that structure absolutely saved her life. It was more fencing, more people, and a concrete building behind it, and it gave quite a bit. Looked like the front of the building was basically made of guardrail.
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    That is how i found out about it. I don't watch that series but probably would if it was easily found on TV.
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    Rough game.
  14. KTMLew01

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    Latest tweet:

    Current interim information: The medical team is deliberately working slowly to avoid risks. The previous surgical course is good and without complications. The surgery that began this morning continues.
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  16. DanicaFreak

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    Prayers. Heard she has to have spinal surgery. Reminds me of wicky...

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    Just saw this on YouTube while looking for a replay of the motorcycle race. I think the one word to sum up Macau would be insane. Positive vibes to her.
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    This is how she ended up backwards/
  20. Bobw

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    NBC news will air a segment in a few minutes
  21. DUN24

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    Caution lights came on by mistake
  22. jaqua19

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    Not an open wheel fan but I wanted to pop in. Very scary.

    17 year old girl. Thank god she is okay. Surgery evidentally went well. Will she race again?

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  23. KTMLew01

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    Set record for fastest speed ever for a bobsled...:eek::D:D:D
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    She doesn't seem fazed by the accident. She hopes to be back in a race car by March. And it's ironic that she turned 18 after the accident and will be getting her drivers license.
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  29. be9ak7ts16

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    Good lord, I let out a gasp when I saw her fly into the hut. I thought she was dead. Get well and race again young lady. I am now a fan.
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  30. KTMLew01

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    It wasn't even that she was dead; it was more like how many are? Absolutely couldn't have turned out better for her. The tower worked as a safer barrier. Just crazy crash.
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  32. Tony Trout

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    My God!!! It's a wonder that she wasn't killed!!! Thank God that she survived.

    I think that it's quite weird/strange how racers survive this type of accident but, they lose their life in the type of accident that Dale Earnhardt had at the Daytona 500 in 2001. :( I'll admit that when I saw that particular crash, I was fully expecting Earnhardt to walk away from it.

    (Yes, I know the above is OT, and I apologize for that, but it's the only racing accident that I can think of that I'm so very familiar with since it also happened on live television).

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