I Don't Like Four-Wide Drag Races !!!


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Apr 21, 2016
If God intended drag races to be four wide, that remote straightaway out on Sully Road would have been four lanes. But it was two lanes. Bruton Smith, you should know this.

Auto racing was invented when the second automobile was built, not the fourth!

4 Wide Drags.jpg
I like four lanes with multiple classes. Keeps things going, but four against each other is dumb
That is why i like my street racing. 64' Chevy Nova on Nitros.
I dont like two wide racing, let alone four wide racing.
Street outlaws filled that place up. I think their fans like that style of racing, their cars are more popular. Funny cars look pretty blob like.
I'm wondering if NHRA has an issue with false shut-down signal being kicked. JF said his car has shut-down last two runs. Then next 4 cars all shut down at same time.
The part that is missing from four wide are the staging duels. You can't take your time to psych out your competitor. Why is it that when Bruton Smith gets involved with racing, the racing suffers? He started four wide, he ruined Bristol, and it was his idea for stages, (he first proposed them for the trucks years ago) where will it end. The guy has more money than brains.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the 4-wide nationals is a dumb gimmick. I thought it was OK as a 1 race a year type of thing until Bruton or one of the Smith's thought they should do it in Vegas.
4 wide on FS1 at Vegas right now. I'm just a casual, but I like 4 wide, seems more fun to watch as a spectator.
I would rather watch four wide then no wide.

Vegas had 2 races a year before they thought it was necessary to have 4 wide.

I think it's NASCAR levels gimmicky, but if it gets casual fans and more people interested at the track, cool. I think it's quite lame on TV.
They had improved visuals using either a drone or a blimp. The overheads were fantastic at the starting line. You could see who was sleeping and who was on the light. I hope they use that at all of the races, the long shot they commonly use from down the track is over used.
That was a really cool thing Mike Salinas did for his crew on Sun. When they did the driver introductions before the race he brought his crew out on stage with him and gave them each a bag with a Harley shirt in it. He said that the crewmember with a red emblem on the shirt would receive a free Harley Davidson Motorcycle. They all had red emblems and he bought every crewmember a new Harley to thank them for helping him win the 4-wide at Vegas.
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