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I have a long way to go guys. I didn't think they would even count these thread game posts for some reason. :wacko:
Way to Go Happy. And all were extremely insight ful, especially the pirate talk ones. ;)
Alas. The wretchedness of the day hath noth spawn on my fortune on my account. The red sky at night will be though moment of the day.
Ay, I must be the victor in the killer thread, for if I can never, it will be for naught. Not idly are the seeds of victory sewn.
The killer thread doth warrant us all, yet does it merit? Whoever drives the sword into it the last is victorious, but the reward for victory? It hath not crossed my mind as of late.
Originally posted by majestyx@Oct 22 2003, 04:31 PM
:huh: huh?
Verily. Set forth or set again' fair one. Round yon spire doth the embers glow! Alas and be smitten.

Yes verily. Thread that this is,must be downtrodden by ye of the forum powers?

The sooner,aye. The better.
Nay, the thread killer must be won. But where do the members come hither? For this is the hour of this thread's emptiness, hark, if ye'd be we need more blades in this yay thread.
Ah Bowtie, need not you be confused, for our dialogue is clear and crisp.

Thou hast it now to set thy speaking tone to we.
Are we studying Shakespeare, Happy? 'Cause that doth be thy way of speaking here of late....... ;)
Of late is the hour on which I post on ye thread killer.

Ay, Shakespeare t'is be. Me thinkest it'd be best if everyone yonder spoke the tongue.
Members from all walks, come thither and receive thy part in the killer thread! :D
Contributing, contributing to this threads life is this post hither !
Afternoon, folks! How is everyone doing today???

*****knocking on monitor***** WHERE IS EVERYONE?
But I am har, har is the hour of mine arrival. Mine eyes have sighted many things on this forum as of late.
In a nutshell? 71Fan heads south, brand x guy makes a speech, Whizzer quotes law, Maj is royally pissed, the mods and advisors are questioned, Bowtie is busy and Dee is at a haunted cornfield. Me,Coffee and a few others have been around off and on.

Uh--other than that, not much. Is your brother home on leave,btw?
No, not yet, my brother will be home Tuesday I dont know why the delay.

Well, looks like the forum is experiencing a downpoint but I guess we got to go on and endure. Strange, theres actually been one hell of an arguement on the forum without me, that to me is really really freaky.

As an ex-forum administrator of another forum that was very similar to this one, there are gonna be some arguments here and there and everyone's gotta keep their chin up. But what I fear is that many members are going to dissent and leave this forum if we cant keep these arguments to a minimum and thats why we might need more administrators and moderators.

However, I find it very hard to see 71fan leave, he's a good member of the forum and I dont want him to leave just because of one argument.

The Mods and Admins have been doing great jobs, making sure this place is a safe place and I'm sure that'll continue. I like things the way they are and I like how the mods and admins keep it that way.
If this thread makes it down to the bottom of the page, then I guess I'll just let someone have the thread kill.
I'm dead serious, I will let someone have this thread kill if this thread makes it about halfway down or further... starting...
Yeah Maj. I am trying to figure that one out too. DOn't know how Happy justifies giving CW the win... :unsure:
Nah, I'm not going to let Coffee Warlord win this thing, It just ain't gonna happen. :dual9mm: :dual9mm:
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