IndyCar: 44th Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

Discussion in 'Open Wheel Racing' started by FLRacingFan, Apr 13, 2018.

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    Andretti Autosport just owned this race.

    Rossi was clearly the best all weekend. Veach took 4th. Marco took a quiet 6th. And Hunter-Reay would've had a podium if not for 3 to 4 incidents that happened to occur to him.

    I wish they could figure out letting the leaders pit so what happened to Bourdais and Dixon did not occur.

    I thought riding in Bourdais' nose and seeing him getting turned around in the hairpin was a really cool view.

    I know they don't want to put up cones, but they need to better define the pit lane once you're past the pit lane. Not only Bourdais' crazy pass he made, but Hunter-Reay in qualifying as well. If they don't want cones, they need to have a solid wall.

    The call on Rahal was correct.
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    what did the call on Rahal accomplish? eh naughty naughty, never do that again. Rules Rahal we got plenty of rules same for the rest of the poor sons a guns. bunch of reflectors on the make shift track defines a boundary. it's funny if it wasn't so dumb
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    The Bourdais call grinds my gears to no end. That and it took them six or seven laps to make the call. What are they doing that whole time?

    This series is so fun by the stewarding is often the thing that hurts it the most. I'm not saying it needs to be NASCAR where you can bowl people over all day and not be punished but surely there's a middle ground.
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    How in the hell is anybody going to bowl anybody over in a IndyCar? :dunce: Cars are not designed for contact
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    Seb poured his heart into this race and got screwed over the harder he tried.

    I understand his aggitation.
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    Hip hip hooray for Zach Veach's 4th place! Keep an eye on this driver.
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    Rahal did.
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    that is called a racing incident. That wasn't done on purpose.
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    Doesn’t matter.
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    Having seen the replay from Bourdais' in-car, I have to agree Dixon gave him no choice than to cross the blue line. Therefore, the penalty was a bogus call.

    Not normally a Bourdais fan (though admittedly he is brilliant), but I think he may have been a little reserved commentiong on his rivals:

    Bourdais slams “idiot” rivals after Long Beach disaster
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    When you ram someone from behind, I think you pretty much deserve a penalty. I thought Pagenaud's reaction was measured and probably a lot calmer than he was feeling about it. You can bet if Graham got rammed out of the race he would be crying to anyone who would listen.

    Now Bourdais' crying was a bit justified because I can never recall a time anyone has tried to pass in the hairpin without causing a pileup. If you add to that it was Dixon, of all people, whop squeezed Bourdais into the pit exit, it's hard to blame the guy for speaking out like that. It was also a bit amusing because any good comedy has a certain amount of truth.

    Generally I don't care for street races and Long Beach is the worst one of them all. In all, it was a very sloppy race by just about everyone except Rossi and Bourdais. Marco's result suggest he had a clean race, though the cameras hardly covered him so who can say? It was just a typical sloppy street race. Long Beach in particular almost never produces a good race unless there is a lot of caution, attrition and sometimes outright stupidity (which we saw plenty of yesterday). Street racing also seems to produce more than it's share of bad calls and controversy. It's a shame we need these races, but only because they are lucrative.

    I think the sportscar gentlemen drove a lot better on Saturday than the open wheel pinheads did yesterday. The GT action was insane and they only had minimal contact. It was quite a miracle yesterday was as good as it was, even though the outcome (barring a major malfunction) was never in doubt.

    Having said that, I'm glad it's out of the way and we go to a real race track next.
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  14. Doc Austin

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    If a wall were there Dixon would have squeezed Bourdais right into it and if we had wheel to wheel contact at that speed it would have been disastrous. I'de be ok with a wall there, but then the cries about it being dangerous would be absolutely deafening.

    That, and remember that blue line has been there as long as we have had the current layout, I don't believe anyone can claim they didn't know they could not drive there.

    Now, Imagine this same layout, only it's a natural terrain road course. Bourdais would have had to take to the grass, lost some time, and there would be no penalty and no crash. Drive off the track, lose some time. Fair deal, though my view is if you squeeze someone off the track at 180 on a straight like that, you deserve a penalty too.

    Maybe there would have been a collision anyway, but with a wall there Bourdais had no options at all. With a street course, you either have these artificial boundaries (blue lines), or you put a bone crushing wall there. Essentially Indycar did the best they could do with a big bag of crap. They minimalized the danger with a blue line instead of a wall, but then they open themselves up to another area when they have to make a judgment call.

    Also, looking back over past races, that pit exit has almost always been an area of controversy. If they leave that exit alone, I will bet they have another incident there next year too.
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    My boy RW...

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    Bourdais was like IndyCar's equivalent of Ricciardo in terms of overtaking abilities this last weekend. Fantastic.

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